A classic for everyone: the Zigmund&Shtain country collection

Composing kitchen sets is, oddly enough, not an easy task, especially when it comes to classic interiors. It is not always possible to choose all products of the same line, of the same color, with absolutely identical color and style decors. Zigmund&Shtain country collection presents complete sets of appliances with the same design techniques, perfectly matching each other. The leitmotif of the collection became a pleasant smoothed shade of ivory, warm, gentle, perfectly combined with different shades of wood – reddish cherry and cherry, classic yellowish oak and golden walnut. Facades painted in traditional classic colors will also make great ensembles with the appliances. It is important that the technique is thought about the other points – optimum functionality of the devices, reasonable prices and easy maintenance.

Zigmund&Shtain K 127 Kitchen Air Cleaner.61 X

Gas hobs

Gas cooker hobs

The Zigmund&Shtain K 127 Kitchen Air Cleaner.61 X


PERFORMANCE: 650 m³/h.

MODE SITUATION: Diverting, recirculation.

PURPOSE: up to 20,1 m² with 2,7 m ceiling height, volume up to 54,17 m³ .

NOISE LEVEL: 50dB 1 speed .

CONTROL: push-button, 3 speeds.

LIGHTING: incandescent lamps 2x25W.

SIZES: 950x595x430 mm.

BODY/FOUR: beige, copper decor.


WARRANTY: 3 years+2 years service.

PRICE: 8450 Dollars.


A traditional cooker hood is a win-win solution for classic interiors. Pyramid cooking hoods are among our most popular with our customers – for good reason. This model combines perfectly with the appliances from the collection, creating a harmonious whole. Without drawing too much attention away from it, you can accentuate the kitchen furniture. Decoration of the hood is the decorative railing of aged copper with beautiful fleurons at the ends. The rail can be used for placement of several nice objects – spatulas, spatulas.

Another important plus of the hood – an affordable price, the purchase of the device will cost about 8500 Dollars.


Matching medium-capacity hood for a fairly large kitchen of about 20 sq. m. The set of features is optimal for most families, nothing more. Three speed settings for different intensities of cooking. Backlight:. Simple to operate and very easy to clean.

Zigmund&Shtain MN 115 gas hob.61 X



HOTTERS: Front left 3.8 kW, far left 1.75 kW, front right 1.0 kW, far right 1.75 kW.

PANEL: Pearl-coloured glass with copper decor.

HANDRAILS: cast iron, double.

CONTROL: Control knobs of burners with automatic ignition.

FEATURES: Sabaf burners, Schott glass, bevelled glass.

SAFETY: gas control.

SIZES: 595x510x28 mm, recess 560×480 mm.

WARRANTY: 3 years+2 years of service.

PRICE: 18 030 Dollars.


For all its simplicity, the panel looks interesting: gleaming pearl-colored glass, gracefully curved grids. Like all gas on glass models it is easy to keep clean. And when the panel is light the small defects in maintenance: traces from drops of water, dust, stains remain invisible.


High power burner with three rows of flames, creating a smooth, even flow of heat for large-sized pots and pans. Power of the element exceeds the standard values and amounts to 3.8 kW. Front left side installed unit. The same burners with medium performance are used in the back row. Small burner on the right in the front.

Gas burner operation is supported by two systems. The ignition system allows to switch on the desired element with one hand. And the gas control system prevents fuel leakage by cutting off the fuel supply if the fire is out.

Gas hob Zigmund&Shtain GN 88.61 h

Gas hobs


HOTTERS: Front left 3.8 kW, far left 1.75 kW, front right 1.0 kW, far right 1.75 kW.

PANEL: Enamel, beige, copper decor.

Grilles: cast iron, double.

CONTROL: burner controls with automatic ignition.

FEATURES: Sabaf burners.

SAFETY: gas safety control.

SIZES: 595x510x28 mm, recess for installation 560×480 mm.

WARRANTY: 3 years+2 years service.

PRICE: 13 760 Dollars.


Zigmund&Shtain GN 88 gas hob.61 made of metal with a pressed edge that fits flush with the grill. Grid pattern is simple but beautiful – a cage, with open lines around the burners. Barrel-shaped controls that are easy to grip, even with wet fingers. Noble color beige, slightly smoothed lines and control knobs in copper color give a classical touch.


HOB is equipped with the usual set of functions. But instead of a simple large burner used a new powerful element. It has three rows of flames, which together give an output of 3.8 kW. In daily practice, high power results in high speeds, making it faster to cook with this burner. Kettle heats up in minutes, the broth boils faster and the grill heats up. No doubt the burner will not be idle.

The other elements, though familiar, will also be in demand every day. Medium power stove – for stewing, soups, side dishes, etc. Small burner – for small portions, baby porridge, morning coffee in a carafe.

Burners can be turned on in one motion as the controls are equipped with a one-handed ignition system. And if the gas goes out unexpectedly when you’re away from the kitchen, the gas control system will keep you safe.

Zigmund&Shtain EN 107 Independent Electric Oven.611 X

Electric Ovens




OVEN MODES: lower and upper heat, lower heat, upper heat, lower and upper heat + fan, grill, fan defrost .

CONTROL: Mode dial and thermostat, analog timer.



SAFETY: safety lock, 3 door glasses, automatic shutoff, tangential cooling.

CARING: easy to clean enamel.

FRONT: glass, color beige, copper decor.

FEATURES: panoramic SmartEye inner door glass, Hettich telescopic guides.

ACCESSORIES: grid, 2 trays.

SIZES: 598x595x584 mm, 585x560x570 mm niche.

WARRANTY: 3 years+2 years of service.

PRICE: 30 660 Dollars.


Canons of “beauty” of classic ovens are long established, and this model meets them by almost one hundred percent. A nice color front, vaulted window, handle and controls in the form of aged metal and, of course, a nice programmer in the form of the usual circular clock.


Multifunctional oven – the right hand of the hostess. How often the exciting smells of pies, casseroles, and cookies can be heard at home depends on the simplicity of its construction and maintenance. This model has four cooking modes, including a fan assisted baking and grill. Thermostat with large temperature range from 50°C and digital timer with switch-off function. Easy to care for. The glass exterior is made of glass which can be cleaned with a simple soap solution. The tops are enamelled inside and easy to clean. Its surface is smooth and glossy, and dirt adheres poorly to it.

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