Daddy, buy another induction stove for the country house!

Well, finally my husband has brought to the cottage induction stove! The old stove Mechta may have been a dream of our 80 years old grandfather, but it was morally and physically obsolete decades ago – it cooks extremely slowly, consuming time, which is money and requires kilotons of electricity for its frivolous services. Well, new helper, help me out! I placed the KITFORT KT-102 induction stove on the kitchen countertop next to the microwave, and it took up little space, as if it had always been there. Testing started on the first day. This year there are a lot of mushrooms in the woods around our dacha! Carrying three baskets a day. Cooking them on Grandpa’s Dream was the ultimate challenge – it took over an hour for a big pot to boil under the reproachful looks of Grandpa – electricity is more expensive in the country than in the city. With an induction stove, it’s a completely different story!

KITFORT induction stove with ashberries

Induction stove has a very high efficiency 90% , while the electric only 47% gas – 40%, halogen – 58% . For the uninformed – a little physics. Induction stove has a coil made of copper. As AC current flows through the coil, an alternating electromagnetic field is created in and around it.

If we place a pot with a bottom made of ferromagnetic materials on the induction stove, the magnetic field will create an electric current. The induced resistance of the material of the bottom of the pot to inductive electricity becomes the cause of the high temperature inside the pot Joule effect .

Consequently, the high temperature is not generated by the induction stove. A high temperature is generated inside the pot so that the food is heated and cooked.

With induction heating, heat is created directly inside the pot, and the cooking process begins immediately. When we remove the pot from the induction stove, the power transfer stops immediately. The burner is no longer hot, unlike conventional stoves.

So, we have a seven-liter saucepan, filled to the top with Podberezoviks. Turn on the maximum power of 2000 watts. 27 minutes – the pot is boiling Its sister – the same seven-liter pot on the Dream electric stove at maximum power 4 – boils in 1 hour 05 minutes .

We open the lid, switch the stove to the medium setting of 1000 watts. Cooking Podberezovy by removing the abundant foam. So, while Grandpa is dozing near his Dream Plate, I’m using the KITFORT to cook two pots of mushrooms using half the energy of Grandpa’s one pot!

KITFORT White Mushroom Induction Cooker

By the way, the KITFORT stove, among many, has another interesting and very useful function – it is “Elec./Volt.”. You’ll need the feature if you want to know what the mains voltage is or how much energy you’ve used during cooking.

The first time you press a button with this feature, you’ll see how much energy you’ve used since you started cooking, for example. “0.15” Kilowatt/hour, when repeated – voltage, e.g. “224” Volt.

You can use any dish that is magnetic, this can easily be checked with a fridge magnet.

Steel, cast-iron, enameled crockery, stainless steel, designed for induction heating, flat-bottomed pots and pans with a diameter of 12-26 cm are suitable for cooking on the induction stove., as well as cookware made of enameled steel with nonstick coating.

Cookware that is not magnetic is not suitable for use on the induction hob. Please do not use heat-resistant glass, ceramic, copper, aluminum, or non-magnetic stainless steel pans. Also, do not use dishes with a spherical not flat bottom or with a bottom diameter of less than 12 cm.

As for our dacha stockpile, all the old enameled pots fit the new stove perfectly, as did the Tefal frying pan. But grandpa’s old frying pan of classified alloys refused to heat on the new stove.

KITFORT induction stove with dumplings

Dinner of a tired mushroom picker? Dumplings are dumplings. Before the induction stove: wait at least 20 minutes for two packs of dumplings to boil in a 5-liter saucepan. Throw the dumplings into the boiling water and it takes about ten minutes for the water to boil over again . During this time, the dumplings sprawl and lose their shape.

On the induction stove – 5 minutes, and the water boils. I put the dumplings in – it bubbles again in a minute, a couple more minutes – and it’s time to turn it off. The first time, the children’s verdict was: “Daddy, now buy only dumplings like this!”Dad was surprised: “So these are the same dumplings that I always buy!”Didn’t recognize the kids in these sturdy, cheerful dumplings of the former skeletal burdocks, and the taste is different!

Unbeknownst to the kids, Daddy has another question: “Daddy, buy another induction stove.

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