Zyxel SD-WAN OS: New management features for efficient remote operation

Zyxel Networks released an upgrade to its SD-WAN solution to help IT and service providers monitor and manage networks more effectively remotely.As home networks are rapidly adopting and becoming more complex, it is increasingly difficult to ensure that they are always available and secure no matter where users and their devices are. Enhanced Zyxel SD-WAN OS features will make it easier for IT and service providers to remotely manage networks to support users working from home.


Making High Availability Configuration Remotely

Reliable network connectivity and continuous system availability are critical. With today’s update, the Zyxel SD-WAN solution supports high availability configurations, including switching to multiple backup channels when the primary connection is down. This enables network administrators to ensure uninterrupted network connectivity. If IT is away from the corporate network, they can remotely use the cloud console to configure high availability settings and keep the network running smoothly.

CLI management option for remote diagnostics and troubleshooting

The new version of SD-WAN also features support for Command Line Interface CLI management. This option expands the management capabilities available to IT and service providers and provides detailed reports for remote diagnosis of network outages.

Automatic VLAN configuration

Remotely manage large networks with VLANs serving small groups of users with different network policies – a complex, resource-intensive task. Enhanced SD-WAN solution features enable remote VLAN configuration through the Orchestrator console, which simplifies and optimizes network infrastructure management.

QoS will assign higher priority to network traffic for critical applications

When all family members or office employees use a network with limited bandwidth at the same time, it can fail to handle the traffic and as a result, the data transfer rate drops. Zyxel SD-WAN allows an IT professional or service provider to prioritize certain applications for business continuity, e.g., teleconferencing traffic may be prioritized higher than Netflix traffic.

“It’s not just ordinary users who are moving to remote operation today, but also the IT professionals who are responsible for managing and running the network,” said Inchen Lin, vice president AVP of Zyxel and head of the Zyxel Networks Intelligence Cloud Center. – The enhanced functionality of our SD-WAN OS will enable IT and service providers to provide a high level of service to remote users who require a continuously available and stable network connection.”.

New features are available for the entire line of Zyxel VPN firewalls, including the VPN50, VPN100, VPN300 and VPN1000 models with SD-OS v10 firmware version.03, enabling companies of all sizes to remotely provision and manage their network.

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    What are some specific management features that the Zyxel SD-WAN OS offers for remote operations, and how do these features contribute to overall operational efficiency?

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