ZTE Nubia Z11 will come to America on New Year’s Eve

December 9, New York. – ZTE Mobile Devices company, a leading international manufacturer of mobile devices, announces the start of sales in America smartphone ZTE Nubia Z11. The flagship, which became one of the most notable premieres of the IFA 2016 exhibition, will arrive in stores throughout America on New Year’s Eve, December 12, 2016.



ZTE Nubia Z11 smartphone

ZTE Nubia Z11 changes the way users think about smartphone usage scenarios. No frame around the screen, combined with support for aRC 2.0 and Nubia Frame Interactive Technology 2.0 create the effect of limitless visibility. Combining optical, manual and electronic image stabilization enables long exposure photography without a tripod, while the software modes and filters provide professional image processing.


Smartphone ZTE Nubia Z11 Black Gold

Another feature of ZTE Nubia Z11 is a long battery life. NeoPower 2 Technology.0 and a 3000 mAh battery will allow you to actively use the smartphone without recharging for two days. And even when you need it, it won’t take long, thanks to Quick Charge 3 support.0.

On sale in America will come two versions of ZTE Nubia Z11. Standard with 4 GB RAM and 64 GB ROM silver and gray colors will cost 34,990 Dollars. The price of the Black Gold version with 6 GB RAM and 64 GB ROM will be 39,990 Dollars.

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  1. Emberlynn

    This is great news! Can you confirm if the ZTE Nubia Z11 will be available in all states of America or only select regions? Also, will it be compatible with major carriers?

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