Yamaha RX-V367 AV receiver and Yamaha BD-S667 Blu-ray player test

Yamaha BD-S667 Blu-ray video player

Superb color reproduction, precise localization of effects, 3D Ready receiver.

DVD Video Players

DVD video players

Rough picture on the LCD display, not many video settings.

Yamaha RX-V367 AV receiver and Yamaha BD-S667 Blu-ray player

11 600 Dollars./13 200 Dollars.

Taking into consideration the player’s popular ability to play video files from USB and the most advanced construction of the receiver, the price of the set looks very reasonable.

3D video support by the receiver can be considered as a tab for the future this is supposed to be HDMI 1 version .4 , as currently compatible TVs and players are too expensive to present in combination with the RX-V367.

The player itself can not be called an inexpensive purchase, there are now devices and cheaper, but the uniformity in the appearance of the set is worth the extra couple of thousand. In general, the set meets all the realities of today and is ideal for beginner enthusiasts, and with a small room and a plasma screen will be in many ways the best option.


Yamaha RX-V367 AV receiver remote control

Yamaha BD-S667. With it you can get all the benefits of high quality and modern technology without paying too much money.

Design of the version has changed appreciably in comparison with previous generations of this company equipment. Two-tone fronts make the units seem thinner and sleeker, though there’s also a “classic” black version.

The main compromise in the design of the youngest model in the line of receivers was the power of built-in amplifier. The claimed 100 watts are implemented only for speakers with impedance of the order of 6 ohms, 8-ohm models will get less about 80 watts .

Accordingly, there is no need for powerful terminals and screw terminals are provided only for the front pair. Five amplification channels, low-level output for one active subwoofer only.

A set of analog connectors is quantitatively poor, but these days they have lost relevance. But four HDMI inputs can no longer be considered excessive, but rather a necessary minimum. In addition to the full arsenal of outputs, the player has two USB inputs, not only for storing BD Live information, but also suitable for playing video files from external media.


Yamaha BD-S667 Blu-ray player remote

Adapts itself to the acoustics of the room with the included microphone.

All data can be manually changed in case of need, but I don’t think it will be necessary as YPAO system has been performing with outstanding accuracy for years.

Traditionally extensive range of soundfield programs allows you to take a new look at familiar movie audio tracks and music. The player can play, in addition to the obvious DVD and Blu-ray, a number of video formats, including high definition. The downsides are incompatibility with mkv and big size files in view of FAT32 system limitations.

The network port can receive multimedia data from the wired LAN via DLNA protocol. All latest color technologies are supported Deep Color and x.v.Color , as well as HDMI CEC control signal. Average disc loading speed, not the worst, but many modern Blu-ray players are faster.

RX-V367 remote control operates the proprietary Scene system, which has proven excellent ergonomics. The sets of keys on the front panels of the devices have more of a symbolic nature. It is worth special mentioning the colorful graphic interface of BD-S667.


It’s worth mentioning that it makes sense to use this set in small rooms up to 20 square meters and in combination with a compact shelf speaker. However, these parameters are not bad for most rooms in typical city blocks of flats. Of course, in this case an active subwoofer plays a special role and when choosing one, don’t get carried away by economizing.

Fortunately there are many worthy candidates in the Yamaha product line. With the right speakers, the sound is truly surround and precise in every detail. The image produced by the player, ideal for plasma screens.

It will show their excellent color reproduction to the full and the softness of the picture in displays of this kind will smooth out some of the unevenness in the display of contrasting transitions noticed on the BD-S667.

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    Can you please provide more details about the testing process for the Yamaha RX-V367 AV receiver and the Yamaha BD-S667 Blu-ray player? I’m particularly interested in the overall performance, audio quality, and any notable features of these devices.

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