BBK BD3050 Blu-ray player test

DVD-video players

BBK company is popular first of all among those who has a weakness for the most economical solutions. Does it fit in with the Blu-ray player? In fact recently CDs and all necessary equipment with all certainty did not fall in the rank of budget solutions.

But today we can say that the Blu-ray standard is ready to reach the widest audience of movie lovers. TV sets Full HD are not so expensive any more, and to find them with resolution lower than HD Ready became problematic at all.

Discs can be found in “regional editions” cheaper than many DVDs, so that the intermediate link in the form of an affordable player is a must. On the whole players are inexpensive as devices, and you don’t have to be afraid of the price of a pair or three licensed disks. The junior models from major manufacturers are a little bit more expensive.


MKV compatible, rich outputs, handy remote control.

Video equipment

FAT32 limits the work with files, there are flaws in the image, minimal setting facilities.

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