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What can be better than a cup of aromatic coffee, which is made especially for you by the hands of a professional barista who knows you for many years and thoroughly studied your taste? This is exactly the kind of coffee that WMF coffee machines make at the touch of a button. The history of WMF began with the production of professional coffee-making equipment. Expanding its activity to develop solutions for home and office, the company has maintained the professional quality of its coffee machines, so you can enjoy a tasteful coffee in your home or office.

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WMF – your own personal barista.

WMF was founded in 1853 and within just a few years had become known all over North America as the premier supplier of high quality coffee. Working day in and day out with the finest coffee, the company’s experts have come to know the value of its tart taste and rich aroma and have been looking for ways to improve the technology of its preparation. Years of research and development culminated in 1927 when the first professional coffee machine was brought to market. Today, WMF is the world’s largest manufacturer of professional coffee machines. Committed to providing customers with the opportunity to enjoy their coffee made to the highest professional standards at home or in the office, in 2006 WMF launched home coffee machines.

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The main advantage of WMF coffee machines is their professional quality. Your own personal barista, who knows his or her business inside out, always ready to brew you the best coffee whenever you want it, day or night.

  • An intuitive, push-button interface for brewing at the touch of a button. Seven specialties like espresso, ristretto, coffee with milk, cappuccino, latte, latte macchiato, espresso macchiato and extra modes like whipped milk, hot milk and boiling pad for tea give a luxurious choice.
  • The flexible setting system of your coffee machine allows you to make coffee just the way you like or want it today.
  • The heart of the WMF is the professional screw that grinds the coffee beans with the highest degree of precision, but at the same time as quietly as possible, extracting the quintessence of their aroma.
  • WMF can easily brew up to 8 cups at a time, filling an entire pot for your family. And the delayed start feature makes a full pot of coffee or a cup of coffee waiting for you in the morning just in time for you to wake up.
  • Real baristas know that a full-bodied espresso loses its taste all too quickly in a cold cup. That’s why WMF coffee machine carefully warms up a cup with a powerful jet of hot steam, bringing out all the aromas of the noble beverage.
  • Coffee beans compartment of WMF coffee machine can hold up to 250 grams 20 cups , but is ready to increase to 600 48 cups . The water tank has an increased capacity of 2.8 liters.

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