Geyser Coffee Machines: the Coffee Symbol of Italy

In our grandparents’ times, the most widely used coffee maker for awakening and fragrant coffee was the carafe. Progress does not stand still, and today you can buy any coffee machine. But if you want to save time without sacrificing the quality of your favorite beverage, a geyser coffee maker is the way to go.

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Where this coffee geyser comes from?

If you imagine water spurting out as it heats up as it expands, the first thing that comes to mind is a geyser. Hence the name of this coffeemaker. It came about thanks to entrepreneur Alfonso Bialetti. At the beginning of the 20th century in Italy, espresso and cappuccino were very popular, and coffee machine manufacturers were looking for exactly the way to get the best aromatic and saturated coffee taste. Bialetti is said to have visited a laundromat and noticed a laundry device consisting of two tanks connected by a tube. The soapy water was pressurized and flowed from a lower container full of water into the upper one, where the washing process took place… Bialetti and his out-of-the-box thinking helped “invent” the coffee machine in the way we see it nowadays. In 1933. Bialetti received the first patent for a geyser coffee maker, or Moka Express. It has three chambers, consisting of a lower section for the water, a coffee filter and an upper section for the beverage.

Water is poured into the lower jug, a filter of preground coffee at the rate of 9-12 grams per cup is placed on top, and then the upper jug is screwed on. Water from the lower part of the coffee maker rises to a boiling point and runs up through the filter, which is filled with ground coffee. It has a strong, tart taste, thanks to the steam, which helps “open up” the aromatics in the coffee. Pressure, which is formed by heating water in a geyser coffee maker, can vary from 1,5 to 4 bar according to availability of the special valve.

With this method it was possible to qualitatively improve the taste properties of coffee, because the finished drink is collected in the upper chamber and does not pass several times through the ground beans. The company slogan, literally translated from the Italian, sounds like “espresso at home is just like in the bar.”. And indeed, making coffee with Moka Express allows you to preserve its pristine, rich, tart flavor and aroma. The Mocha Express has its place of honor in the kitchen of almost every Italian family because it has become a truly national symbol. And no matter how product design changes, Bialetti company continues to produce a classic model that is still in demand among real coffee lovers.


In this age of high technology, geyser coffee makers are equipped with a variety of functions for easy preparation of the best coffee. On the shelves of stores you can find both electric, more modern, and classic model, heated on the kitchen stove and allows you to save energy consumption. There’s also a model that works in microwave ovens – the Mamy coffee maker. The principle of operation of a geyser coffee maker is the same, so there is no difference in taste.

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Modern geyser-type coffee makers are equipped with other no less useful functions. There are models that allow you to maintain the temperature for a certain period of time, equipped with automatic timers, water-fill indicators and other features for ease of use.



The volume of the device should be chosen based on the amount of drink that will be prepared at one time. It should be noted that geyser coffee machines work only if the coffee tank is full, so before buying it, it is worth determining the necessary amount of coffee. The volume of the coffee maker is indicated in small cups: approximately 30-50 ml.


Classic variant – a coffee maker made of aluminum. Today it is made of the best and tested materials that meet food safety standards. But sometimes there is a slight metallic taste in the finished coffee. Then you need to wash the coffee maker’s containers carefully, without fanaticism and without using harsh detergents. A layer of coffee oils inside the coffee maker itself and its filters protects the beverage from contact with the aluminum that covers the walls of the vessels. But if you have kidney problems, you might want to avoid buying a coffee maker made of aluminum, since the salts from the metal are believed to be poorly excreted by the kidneys.

Steel and ceramic Moka Express provide the ability to control the strength of the coffee, have the function of automatic shutdown after completion of work. Dishwasher safe, robust and practical, this steel coffee maker is dishwasher safe, so it lasts a long time. Steel bottom allows you to heat the device on an induction stove. The thickened base makes it possible to boil water faster and saves cooking time. Ceramic coffee makers allow you to completely eliminate oxidation and preserve the natural taste of freshly brewed coffee. In some models, the upper part may be made of porcelain with an exclusive design pattern on it.

Coffee machines made of polymers such as Grilamid are lightweight, strong and heat resistant – they can withstand high mechanical stress.

When using a geyser coffeemaker with a glass top you can visually see when the coffee is ready and the risk of runaway coffee is minimal.

Techniques for beverages

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Obviously, the handle of the coffee maker should not get hot, so you should pay attention to what material it is made of. It is best to choose bakelite, nylon or fireproof plastic, as they have a low thermal conductivity. Ergonomic and safe, these handles will last for many years. In addition, the handle should be made so that you will not touch the hot body of the coffee maker with your bare hand. Same goes for the lid: it must never be hot. The fasteners should be hinged so that the lid can be opened easily and unobstructed to check the level of the finished drink.


In a geyser coffee maker, in addition to coffee, you can brew tea and herbal medicines. This method has the advantage that all the drink’s health properties remain intact. Some geyser coffee makers are designed for making cappuccino. When the water begins to boil, the pressure inside exceeds the atmospheric pressure. A stream that foams the milk is created by the sudden release of steam. Cappuccino is excellent, and you don’t have to worry about the milk “running out”, because the lid is tightly closed on top.

Question price

The price range for a geyser coffee maker is from 500 to 5000 Dollars, not counting the exclusive ones.


The process of making coffee in a geyser coffee maker is quite demanding. Be sure to check that the lower container is filled with enough cold water. Since chlorine does not react well with aluminum, it is better to use bottled or filtered water, boiled water is not suitable. If using hand-ground coffee, be sure to make sure it is medium, or better yet, a mixture of medium and coarse grind in equal proportions. Ground coffee packages should always have a sign on them – “espresso grind” or “geyser coffee maker”. Do not allow the coffee to be very finely ground, otherwise a real geyser is ensured! There is a big chance that the filter will get clogged and the coffee maker will explode. Be careful!

More aromatic and full-bodied coffee results when all the recommendations are followed. The peculiarities of the cooking process require that all connections are well sealed. So before you start heating your coffee maker, make sure the parts are tightly twisted together and have no gaps between them. The coffee is ready, you can tell by the distinctive sound of water rising gradually from the lower container to the upper and beginning to boil.

G.A.T Minni Plus – the original Italian Minni Plus geyser coffee machine

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G.A.T Minni Plus – the original Italian Minni Plus geyser coffee machine


MATERIAL: Food-grade aluminum.

VOLUME: 150 ml 3 Italian servings .

COLOR: silver, black, blue.

PRICE: 1390 Dollars.


The Italian company G.A.T. produces thousands of geyser coffee makers daily. For impeccable quality and original design solutions in 50 countries on 5 continents real Italian espresso is brewed in Italian coffee makers for already 28 years. The Geyser Coffee Machines by G.A.T. is also presented in America.

Coffee makers in a gift box and at a reasonable price will be an original gift for coffee lovers.

The convenience of use is the same as the aesthetics. Heat-resistant non-slip handle, possibility of use on all types of stoves stainless steel coffee makers for induction stoves , compactness, allows you to choose the best option for you.

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Minni Plus coffee makers can use both ground coffee and coffee pods. It’s nice that 2 coffee pods are included in the set: open the box and enjoy your coffee!

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