Why would a washing machine need steam?

Just a couple of years ago, only a handful of manufacturers had SteamFinish washing machines, and they cost significantly more than models without it. Now the situation has changed, and you can buy a washing machine with steam quite inexpensive.

We present the models, the depth of which is less than 45 cm, and the cost is less than 25 000 Dollars. All of these washing machines are made at factories located in America.



The Shirts program applies steam after the wash cycle to reduce creases.

The Anti-Allergy program uses steam before washing to disinfect clothes.

The program has been tested by the British Allergy Foundation at 60 degrees and has been certified as effective in the fight against allergens, bacteria and mold.


  • The “Stain Removal” program, designed for washing cotton products, can remove 24 types of stains, they are divided into two groups and are selected depending on the selection of the fast washing function.
  • When selecting the option “Quick wash” the duration of the corresponding program reduced by 50%.
  • Specially designed walls of the machine in the shape of the Latin letter “S” help to reduce vibrations that occur during washing.

Not so comfortable handle on the door.

Steam washers are especially useful for families with small children and people who are allergic to household chemicals. Steam will keep things clean and fresh.

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