Whirlpool’s smart home gets more reliable and even smarter

Oct. 10, 2016 – The number of different devices that have entered the world of the Internet of Things is increasing every day. Today, consumers pay attention not only to the basic functions, but also to such important qualities that could take the process of controlling devices to a new level. With this in mind, Whirlpool announced a partnership with the world’s largest IT companies – IBM, Amazon and Nest – to bring innovative technology into the smart home, making it easier and more efficient and making the home safer and more secure.

Computers and peripherals

Whirlpool Corporation is improving remotely controlled home appliances with leading IT companies

Coordinated technology

Whirlpool is the first manufacturer in the world to introduce a line of remotely controlled freestanding appliances powered by 6th SENSE LIVE smart technology. All you need to do is to have access to Wi-Fi and install the app with the same name on your smartphone or tablet in order to regulate the operation of appliances. The app allows you to control all connected appliances, including the SupremeCare washing machine, Supreme Dual NoFrost Combi refrigerator and PowerDry dishwasher.

To find out how such solutions change people’s real daily lives, Whirlpool conducted a sociological study in the Italian city of Brescia in collaboration with the local energy company. Fifteen families with solar-powered homes were chosen to participate in the experiment. They were equipped with smart meters connected to Whirlpool’s 6th SENSE LIVE software. The system allowed residents to see how much electricity and water they were using in a given time period, the total amount of energy the solar panels were generating, and to calculate the money spent on electricity during the day. Based on this, users could program their appliances and subsequently appreciate the benefits of smart energy consumption.

All of the participating families were very satisfied with the system and would like to use it in the future. They called Whirlpool’s technology a great way to optimize energy and water costs, without compromising on overall appliance performance and quality of life.

“The results of the experiment reinforced our belief that remote appliance control cannot be a separate function of appliances: it must be inextricably linked to people’s real daily lives,

– explains Marco Sinha, Senior Manager Connectivity, Whirlpool EMEA. –

To give users this experience, Whirlpool aims to integrate different levels of technology and products into one ecosystem. Today’s consumers want to own appliances that are not only easy to control remotely, but also work confidently with other gadgets. And it’s very important to people that all operations are intuitive and safe. We believe that our collaboration with the end consumer and with the leading IT companies will revolutionize our daily lives.

“Smart Home Secure with IBM

In January 2016, Whirlpool Corporation announced a partnership with IBM to integrate cloud-based processing and storage into the smart home. This partnership allows Whirlpool to make its smart appliances even easier to use and their functions and settings even more relevant to each individual customer. IBM cloud management, processing and analytics system is excellently protected from cyberattacks, ensuring peace of mind for users. IBM solutions will also be key to keeping all connected smart home devices running smoothly.

Attention to detail with Amazon

Whirlpool Corporation integrates Amazon Dash Replenishment service into smart home system. The technology tracks consumption of powder and other consumables such as dishwasher tablets during a cycle and alerts the user when they run out. The customer can place an order on Amazon directly from the app at the touch of a button. The system is incredibly easy to use, as the program automatically “links” the user’s Whirlpool account to their Amazon account. U.S. residents will be the first to experience the service.

Save time and energy with Nest

Whirlpool was one of the first brands to partner with Nest. In the smart home, SupremeCare’s washers and dryers could interact with Nest’s thermostat, monitoring its “in house” and “out of house” modes and selecting the best settings to care for their clothes accordingly. Working together, these technologies create a truly unique solution. For example, when Whirlpool’s SupremeCare smart washing machine “sees” that the user isn’t home and the cycle is over, it activates an extra rotation of the drum, so your clothes won’t pile up. In turn, the “smart” thermostat automatically postpones the washing cycle if it is scheduled in the hours when too many household appliances are connected or the cost of electricity is very high. Together these solutions will make clothes care easier and more economical.

Remote control as an integral part of everyday life

Whirlpool’s research showed that consumers prefer to interact with their home appliances through a single mobile app interface, rather than through traditional methods. And users were more inclined to control the technology from a smartphone or tablet, not only from a distance, but also while at home. What’s more, all of the participants in the experiment consider not using smart software to be a step backwards.

Smart Home

“Watching people’s lives in the smart home, we realized that remote control of appliances is becoming part of our reality,

– says Marco Sinha. –

Consumers love controlling home appliances from a smartphone or tablet and not spending a lot of time on household chores. With a mobile app, your daily routine becomes easier and more enjoyable. However, this imposes additional responsibility on manufacturers, as users care about data security and the reliability of the entire system. Trust is the key to partnering with IT market leaders. Collaborating with these companies and developing innovative solutions is helping Whirlpool improve the home of the future, where technology works in harmony with each other and the user, and people have more time for more important things.”.

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