Virtual reality scattered around the house. The new OSVR HDK v1.4 Diffuser-diffuser screen used to eliminate pixelation

SAN FRANCISCO GDC 2016 According to information from the creators of Open Virtual Reality OSVR , the global leader in open source software and virtual reality hardware, shipments of the improved OSVR Hacker Development Kit HDK have already begun.


Diffuser improves image quality and enhances the immersive experience

With Crytek entering the OSVR ecosystem, CryENGINE now supports OSVR by default. In fact, this opens up all OSVR compatible helmets, including the OSVR HDK, to CryENGINE designed content, further enhancing OSVR capabilities.

Crytek’s creative director for CryENGINE, Frank Witz, said:

“The open standard promoted by OSVR aligns with our own desire to give CryENGINE users complete freedom of design for virtual reality. We are excited to support a platform that will accelerate technological advancement and bring more users into virtual reality, and we look forward to using CryENGINE to its full potential to drive innovation within OSVR.

In addition to recently introduced projects from SteamVR, the following content is now compatible with OSVR: Lira, inCellVR, Windlands, DCS World, M.A.R.S. Universe, Warthunder, BIVROST player and more.

In the updated OSVR HDK v1.4 a new technology applies a diffuser film to the screen, improving visual effects with less pixelation screen-door effect . Combined with special premium optics, this gives you best-in-class image quality, while keeping system requirements affordable. To upgrade OSVR HDK v1.3 diffusion film will be sold separately.

“At HackerDevelopmentKit, maximum quality with minimal system requirements is always at the forefront, so that virtual reality is more accessible to enthusiasts, novice developers and gamers,

– says Christopher Mitchell, OSVR project manager at Razer

– The diffuser screen will allow us to improve the visual effects without compromising the overall accessibility of the device.”.

The latest version of the OSVR HDK is also more comfortable to wear with additional cheekbone pads and rubber nose bridge.

HDK v1.4 is available now and can be purchased for $299.99 on Dissipating screen for the V1 upgrade.3 will be available in April 2016.

Also in April, virtual reality fans, developers and gamers will be able to order the OSVR faceplate with Leap Motion technology as an upgrade module.

OSVR hardware with integrated Leap Motion technology is also compatible with the recently introduced Orion software. This program was created for virtual reality from the beginning, and with it, developers will get a highly accurate hand and finger tracking system. OSVR faceplate with Leap Motion technology is available with OSVR HDK v1.4 for $349.99 or separately for $74.99.

Anyone interested in OSVR and related developments is invited to visit Razer’s San Francisco headquarters across from the Moscone Center during GDC. Razer’s doors will be open at GD for a demonstration of OSVR enhancements and discussion of the immersive virtual environment experience. Razer has an office in San Francisco at 201 3rd Street, Suite 900.

More than 300 organizations in technology, entertainment and education are already participating in the OSVR program. New partners include Crytek, Futuretown, ST Microelectronics and NYU Shanghai. For a complete list of OSVR members, visit the osvr”.


The OSVR Hacker Development Kit HDK is designed with the goal of achieving acceptable image quality without compromising on system requirements so that a virtual environment can be accessed from a mid-level or higher gaming PC. Advanced users and/or professional developers are provided for upgrading to the desired level.

OSVR HDK available now from Razerstore.

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OSVR™ is a virtual reality software platform designed to set an open standard for input, output and gaming devices, paving the way for the development of a cohesive ecosystem where everyone can enjoy an unforgettable virtual reality experience with increased compatibility and choice of equipment. With the support of industry leaders, the OSVR program brings developers and players alike together in a single platform.Plug in. Play Everything.

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