Vestel CDF 8646WS Dishwasher Overview

Vestel CDF 8646 WS dishwasher

4 temperature modes, variety of programs, long service life.

Vestel CDF 8646 WS dishwasher

Half-load mode does not work in all programs.

Vestel CDF 8646WSVestel_CDF_8646_WS dishwasher

Vestel CDF 8646WS 10 place setting freestanding narrow dishwasher


SIZE: 84,5x45x59,8 cm. Weight: 40 kg.

CUSTOMER GROUP: Washing: A, Drying: A, Energy consumption: A+.

PROGRAMS: 6 – intensive 65°C, 115 min. . , Express 40°C, 30 min. , BIO 70°C, 109 min , BIO 70°C, 109 min .Automatic 50° C, 170 min , economic 50° C, 170 min . , fast 65°C, 50 min. , preliminary soaking, half loading mode, 4 temperature modes.

DRYING: condensing.

CONTROL: electronic, salt rinse aid presence indicators, program cycle.

ECONOMY: water consumption per cycle of 13 liters, per year – 3640 liters 280 cycles energy consumption per cycle of 0.93 kW h, per year – 264 kW 280 cycles ,

CONSTRUCTION: water dispersion arms on the top and bottom, stainless steel inner surface, height-adjustable upper basket, glass holder, noise level – 54dB.

SAFETY: spill-proof body .

COLOR: white.

WARRANTY: 1 year. SHELF LIFE: 10 years.


PRICE: 8900 Dollars.


The main “plus” of this machine is an optimal price/quality ratio. For a very little money you can buy an assistant, that has all the necessary functions and successfully cope with the washing of dishes.

With very interesting features.

First of all, the top cover can be removed to install the machine under the countertop.

Secondly, it has a less frequent but very useful half-load function, with which you can reduce the duration of programs and electricity and water consumption. The real time, water and electricity savings are obtained by selecting Express, Intensive, and Antibacterial modes.

Using prewash function for 15 minutes, you can wash off remains of food from dishes, but in this case, before starting the main program you will need to clean the filter.

The set of programs is large enough to choose the best mode for different dishes.


The machine has a leak-proof cabinet, which means it will shut down automatically if the pan overflows or leaks inside the chamber. In this case, the water supply is stopped, the water that has already arrived is discharged back into the pipe. But the hoses are not drip-proof, so you have to worry about getting the sturdy hoses yourself.

The easiest drying feature of the machine is condensation drying. Your dishes are rinsed with hot water, drops evaporate from the heated dishes, they condense on the walls of the chamber and trickle down into the drain. If you don’t open the door immediately after drying, the moisture will settle back in the dishes and they will become wet.

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