Vekta HBS-0702 blender: zap, and it’s done

Want to buy an immersion blender Vekta HBS-0702 for the holiday?

Let’s see what he can do.

Vekta HBS-0702

The Vekta HBS-0702 immersion blender is designed for frequent and quick use.

It comes with all the essentials: a chopper chopper , an immersion blender, a whisk for mixing and a measuring cup.

Test #1. Chopper

  • The volume of 600 ml allows you to easily mix up to 400 – 500 g of products.

During the testing I cooked in it liver pate, thick sauces with greens, fruit and vegetable smoothies.

Vekta HBS-0702

Everything is perfectly shredded to a purée, even the parsley and dill stalks. True, sometimes a small amount of them wound around the base of the blade, I had to turn off the blender, remove the wound stems I dropped them into the bowl of the chopper , close the lid and for another 30 seconds turn on the blender.

While cooking liver puree I turned on the blender several times: for 30-40 seconds, opened, stirred, closed – for another 30 seconds. Work – the pâté is ready.


  • The chopper stands firmly on the table, thanks to the anti-slip feet.
  • Easy to mix even a large volume 350 g of products, not just some of the products on the bottom.
  • Lid firmly closes opens – just turn it clockwise anti-clockwise.

Test #2. Whisk

Vekta HBS-0702 whisk

Used with and without the cup included in the set.

The glass is convenient to whip egg whites or eggs to a thick foam, for mixing liquid dough, the measuring cup is small, you need to take a larger container.

  • The whisk is made of durable wire, easy to insert into the body, firmly fixed there – will not fall out when working.
  • Blender speed allows you to thoroughly whip a couple or three egg whites. A larger amount will not provide the recommended blender running time.

The benefits of

Easy to assemble/disassemble blender.


A wide bezel on the measuring jug. Prevents from splashing in case of a large amount of liquid.

Test #3. Immersion blender

  • The stainless steel dipper is fitted with a 4-blade blade that allows food to be thoroughly puréed, even in portion sizes. Not everyone in my family likes puree soups, so this feature is very important. I pureed lentil soup for my daughter and myself and not a single drop spilled on the tablecloth or the diners nearby.
  • The blender managed to turn 400g of cottage cheese into a curd mass. Didn’t even have to dirty the chopper bowl.

Vekta HBS-0702 blender

Performance quality

Blender runs fast.

Powerful enough for good chopping.

The recommended operating time of 30 seconds is not always sufficient. True, the blender never overheated or shut down, although it sometimes ran for 1-1.5 minutes.

Vekta HBS-0702 blender


The plastic does not smell, the body of the blender is heavy, indicating a quality “stuffing”.

Assembly disassembly is not difficult. The blender is ready to use in seconds. To remove the nozzle, you just need to press the two side buttons, and take it out with the other hand.


There are two buttons on the handle of the Vekta HBS-0702 blender:

  • If you want to run at maximum speed, push down on the bottom Turbo button.
  • When you press the top button, the blender begins to work.
  • You can adjust the speed of rotation by turning a switch on top. There is a direction indication – turning clockwise increases speed.

Both the buttons and the switch are backlit in bright red. Looks very pretty, especially if you do not turn on the overhead light in the room.

Vekta blender

Technical Data

Power: 700 W.

Speed: infinitely adjustable.

Control: Power button and turbo button on the handle, stepless speed adjustment

Special features: recommended time of continuous use – 30 sec, pause – 3 min., Recommended amount of products: blender – not more than 700 g, whisk – not more than 6 eggs, 600 ml of cream, chopper – not more than 300 g of meat. 1 m cord length.

Accessories: hand blender, whisk, 600 ml chopper, 800 ml measuring cup.

Warranty: 1 year. Lifetime: 3 years.

Price: from 1590 Dollars.

Vekta HBS-0702 immersion blender

Test results

A powerful and fast immersion blender can be recommended for a family of 3 to 4 people.

Helps mothers to prepare baby food, lovers of homemade sauces will be useful for cooking homemade mayonnaise and Caesar sauce.

In the chopper you can quickly make a portion – two smoothies from any fruits and vegetables for better quality you need to add a little liquid .

Easy to assemble, disassemble. Will not take up much space in storage.

Good price/quality ratio, high speed, easy operation, sharp knives.

The recommended operating time in the instruction manual is not always enough.

the consumer recommends 2020

We test, you buy the best

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