Unprecedented surround and rich sound: the world’s first curved soundbar for Samsung curved TVs is already in America

New York, November 17, 2014- Samsung Electronics announces the American launch of sales of the world’s first speaker system for Samsung curved TVs, the HW-H7501 curved soundbar, introduced recently at the prestigious international exhibition IFA 2014. This year’s flagship entry in Samsung audio products, this innovative soundbar brings you colorful, incredibly surround and spatial sound for an immersive home theater experience.


Samsung HW-H7501 Soundbar

Global market leader in curved TVs, Samsung expands its innovative line of curved devices. Following the success of Samsung Curved TVs in America, the company launches the world’s first curved soundbar. Together, these devices provide an ideal audio-visual solution for the home.

Optimally developed by Samsung technologists, the bending radius of the soundbar is 4.2 meters the same as in the 55-inch and 65-inch Samsung curved TVs and other latest Samsung acoustic technologies can provide a deep spatial sound and surround the user with a high-quality sound. With additional speakers on the edges, this 8.The 1-channel curved soundbar directs sound not in one direction, but in three directions at once. Together with a subwoofer, the system gives its owner a rich, voluminous and powerful 320 watts sound.

Samsung’s proprietary technology allows you to reduce sound distortion to zero in any frequency range and reproduce stunningly clear, detailed and enveloping sound, which will allow you to fully immerse yourself in the reality of the screen and get maximum enjoyment from the movie.

The innovative soundbar is the perfect match for Samsung Curved TVs, not only because of its exceptional technical qualities, but also because of its unique look. Like the curved Samsung Curved TVs, it has a unique premium design that evokes the shape of a concert hall. With its stylish aluminum finish and elegant flowing lines, this sleek device will be a real decoration to any room.

With a height of only 42 mm, the HW-H7501 soundbar can be easily installed at the base of a TV set and on the wall, harmoniously complementing the aesthetics of Samsung’s curved-screen TVs. The device does not give any trouble for wall mounting – the user does not even need to drill a separate hole in the wall.

Innovative curved soundbar HW-H7501 went on sale in the beginning of November in all stores of home electronics. The cost of the novelty is 28 990 Dollars.

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