Unbelievable viewing pleasure: The new BBK LED TVs with integrated DVB-T2 and DVB-C tuners

BBK Electronics announces the launch of the new series of LED TV sets with built-in DVB-T2 and DVB-C tuners – Luna 32LEM-3081/T2C , Montego 32LEM-1002/T2C and Neve 40LEM-3080/FT2C . 40LEM-3080/FT2C has Full HD resolution, 32LEM-1002/T2C and 32LEM-3081/T2C – HD Ready.


LED-TV 32LEM-1002/T2C

Built-in DVB-T2 tuner gives you reliable terrestrial digital TV and DVB-C digital cable TV reception. In addition, there is a possibility to record TV programs to external USB-drives: to record on a schedule there is a PVR function, and to record the current program – TimeShiſt.

All three new additions reflect the latest trends in electronic design: thin frames, glass stands and the ever-present and stylish glossy black color. They are sure to be a spicy and graceful addition to any interior. The 32LEM-1002/T2C and 32LEM-3081/T2C are ideal for the living room, while the 40LEM-3080/FT2C is 40 inches.

It is worth noting that these TV sets have a high quality matrix, which makes a bright, rich picture so pleasing to the eye, allowing you to fully enjoy the atmosphere of the film and fully immersed in the story.

New BBK LEM_3081/T2C LED TVs

32LEM-3081/T2C LED TV

Models are equipped with a built-in HD media player, which allows you to watch movies in excellent quality from USB drives or external hard drives in various formats, including MKV. Three HDMI interfaces are available* to transmit high-definition content, making it ideal for connecting a DVD or Blu-ray player, camcorder and game console at the same time. To connect a variety of flash drives, including external hard drives in the TVs built-in high-speed USB port.Also, 32LEM-3081/T2C and 40LEM-3080/FT2C come with 2 remotes: a standard multi-function remote and a simplified mini remote with the most commonly used buttons for easy control of users of all ages, from children to older people.

VGA connector allows to use TVs as monitors. Models are compatible with VESA mounts. Among additional features are teletext and electronic program guide.

The 40LEM-3080/FT2C, 32LEM-1002/T2C and 32LEM-3081/T2C LED TVs are available now!


LED TV 40LEM-3080/FT2C

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