TRIO 9501 X Gas Hob and Dishwasher Overview

Large appliances for the kitchen

Stove with full gas cooking, electric oven and dishwasher, 2 high-power burners, rotisserie.

Big kitchen appliances

Water and drain connection required.

Gas stove with dishwasher


OVEN: 4 gas burners. Front left 2.5 kW, far left 1.75 kW, front right 1.0 kW, far right 3.5 kW.

OVEN: Electric, capacity 39 l, max t 230 ° C, 5 modes: bottom + top heating natural convection , bottom + top heating + spit, grill, grill + spit lighting.

CONTROL: Electrical rotary burner power control, oven regulator with indicator, thermostat regulator, oven timer with cut-off function.

DISHWASHING MACHINE: 6 place settings, wash class A, energy class A standard cycle: 9 L, 0,75 KW*h , drying class A, 5 programs: intensive 75°C , normal 65°C , regular 55°C , eco 50°C , high speed 32 min. 45 °C , pre-wash

Dishwasher control: electronic, program selection buttons, economy mode with indicators.

CARING: traditional, glass fronted door on the outside.

SAFETY: gas control hob, 2 glazes in the oven door, overheat protection oven, overflow protection dishwasher.

ACCESSORIES: grill, tray, rotisserie.

COLOR: stainless steel.

DIMENSIONS: 600x600x865 mm.

WARRANTY: 1 year.


The appliance combines a combined gas-electric stove and a dishwasher, an offering only available from Candy. The dimensions of this model are standard.


Gas, with four different elements. Interestingly, the manufacturer has provided not one, as usual, but two speed elements. One of them, mounted on the front left, has a power of 2.5 kW. The other one, on the far right, is 3.5 kW. The burners allow you to heat quickly, bring it to boiling point or cook in large-diameter cookware.

Burner controls are equipped with a one-hand ignition system and an electromagnetic gas control system.

The hob has a glass lid that can be removed if necessary.


Static, compact, standard working area tray and griddle with a volume of 39 Lt.

The oven is equipped with two conventional heating elements which are used in common. This mode creates a natural convection effect and is universally suitable for meat, fish and baked goods. Temperature range from 65° C to 230° C. Upper threshold slightly lower than normal to limit heat build-up in dishwasher electronics .

The grill is designed for frying, the element turns on immediately at maximum power.

Spit for cooking lumpy meat and poultry. It can be used both with grill and with two heating elements.

The oven is controlled by 2 knobs: one to set the mode, the second – the desired temperature. Also includes a timer. Used to control the cooking time from 1 to 120 minutes. At the end of the selected time period the oven switches off.


Indicated for 6 sets of dishes or for four with pots and pans. The dishwasher has 5 programs designed for dishes of varying degrees of dirt. Cold water pre-cycle can be used for dishes that have been waiting to be washed. Quick program for 32 minutes. Eco program saves energy and promotes efficient operation of enzymes detergent.

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