The new Whirlpool washing machines: high efficiency and affordable savings

New York, December 3, 2014. Whirlpool, a leading manufacturer of household appliances, presents in America its new line of full-size washing machines with front loading models AWO/C 91200, AWO/C 81200 and AWOC 8100 .


Whirlpool’s new AWO/C 91200 has a maximum load capacity of 9kg of laundry, while the AWO/C 81200 and AWOC 8100 have a maximum load capacity of 8kg.

New washing machines can be trusted with delicate and demanding coloured fabrics. Thanks to the unique Colours 15° washing program, dirt is gently and gently removed even in cold water at 15 degrees. This allows you to preserve the original shades of your favorite items for a long time.

Cold water washing is just as effective as standard 40 degree wash modes. Whirlpool’s Wave Motion asymmetric drum technology ensures high efficiency. A special rotation pattern allows evenly distribute the laundry and detergent inside the machine.

In addition to Colours 15°, the new washing machines offer 17 other washing programs. Including special modes for light and dark fabrics, for wool and delicate materials, hand wash and quick wash programs, as well as other useful features.

All new models are equipped with Ecomonitor function energy consumption indicator . Having loaded the laundry and selected the washing program, the user sees the degree of power consumption at each stage of the program by the brightness of the indicator.

The AWO/C 91200 and AWO/C 81200 models support Whirlpool’s intelligent 6th Sense Colors technology by Whirlpool, which has proven itself on the market. With a system of highly sensitive sensors, the washing machines monitor and automatically adjust the washing process depending on the load of laundry. It saves up to 50% of energy, water and time. This makes the AWO/C 91200 and AWO/C 81200 models in the highest energy efficiency class A+++.


The washing is controlled by an intuitive LCD display. It allows you to adjust the spin speed, set the end of cycle time, speed up the programme, etc.




AWO/C 91200

Home Appliances

AWOC 8100

The Whirlpool AWO/C 91200, AWO/C 81200 and AWOC 8100 front-loading washing machines have gone on sale in America. Recommended retail price:

  • AWO/C91200 – 23990 Dollars.
  • AWO/C 81200 – 22990 Dollars.
  • AWOC 8100 – 22990 Dollars.

[1] In comparison between loading 6 and 1kg of laundry in a washing machine with “6th sense” technology in washing mode “Cotton 60°”

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