The JVC DLA-X55R is Europe’s Best Product of the Year according to EISA

The European Image and Sound Association EISA has announced the JVC DLA-X55R as a top home theater projector for 2013-2014. Designed for serious home cinema enthusiasts, the DLA-X55R has an unprecedented high quality/price ratio. Brightness and native contrast ratios make a strong impression, while tones are rendered naturally and the color palette is rich.


Another plus is the level of clarity: thanks to the detail enhancement technology e-Shift2 of the second generation Full HD picture is reproduced so clearly that it seems like you’re watching Ultra HD content.

Simplify the initial setup is facilitated by a comprehensive set of installation options, Motorized vertical and horizontal lens shift, 2x Zoom and Lens Memory function plus numerous calibration options and several user modes with excellent settings.

The JVC DLA-X55 is:

  • 4K high definition image projection 3840 x 2160
  • High natural contrast ratio of 50,000:1
  • Increased brightness in 3D mode
  • Tuning to your surroundings
  • 5 modes of lens memory

JVC’s unmatched depth of black, faithfully reproducing space, stunning color reproduction of the most complex hues, including skin tones. The detail and clarity of the “solid” – in the sense of feeling – “film” picture, which attracts you to the screen and occupies the entire field of view. With the smoothness, depth and naturalness of 3D that absorbs along with the story for a long time.

JVC DLA-X55 is available in black and white, which allows you to blend into any interior.

About EISA

EISA, the European Imaging and Sound Association, was founded in 1982, and today unites 50 trade magazines from 20 European countries. Every year, EISA selects the latest in audio, home theater, video, automotive electronics, and photo equipment. Voting is by committee of nominees, each of which includes one magazine per country. Based on the results of objective tests, magazines have nominated their candidates in advance. Models that have been tested in at least five editions of the same committee are considered as contenders. At the final meeting of chief editors, after detailed discussion of all candidates, a majority vote of one or more committees determines the winner in each category.

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