The iLuv iMM747 docking station is a small and inexpensive cradle with a pair of speakers

Despite the common name and almost identical tasks, the iPod docks come in all sorts of ways. From versatile, with video, networking features, large speakers, to compact, which is a charger with minimal extras. This model from iLuv is just of that kind. Its developers didn’t intend to satisfy the most demanding audiophiles and created just a small and inexpensive cradle with a pair of speakers. But it is one of the few models that are compatible with the iPad. Only at first glance it may seem that there are many docking stations, where nothing prevents the installation of a tablet computer.


Futuristic design, powerful sound, great ergonomics.


The price in America is noticeably overpriced, so the purchase of iLuv can be an impulse purchase rather than a well-balanced one.

Audio equipment

In fact, its weight can be fatal for the mounts designed for portable devices, and a powerful battery can lead to overheating and premature death of the dock transformer. So when buying should carefully examine the instructions for the presence of the iPad in the list of supported devices.

Or buy iMM747, about which we know for sure that there will be no problems with any of Apple’s iPod-connected devices. Only some cases can interfere with their work with the dock, but this can be said about any model with a fixed port.

The only reproach that can be addressed to the developers iPad users – the port is placed at the bottom the old way, so watching movies in landscape orientation with the speaker dock is not possible. Is it lying on its side.

The control is minimalistic in accordance with the functionality and appearance. No remote control, there are basic keys on the body to control playback and volume control. The illuminated blue LED line is the only element of diversity in the exterior.

For additional devices there is one 3.5 mm mini-jack, but considering the tasks of the device nothing more is required. USB port on the back is designed only for iPod synchronization with your computer, the device is not trained to play anything with thumbdrives connected to it.

To summarize, for owners of a wide arsenal of “apple” portable devices that want to get a convenient and not taking up much living space dock to charge their gadgets, this little device is the best fit.

The design is practical and versatile, the sound is at a typical level for this size. The price in America is noticeably overpriced, so the purchase of iLuv can be rather impulsive than well-considered.

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