The evolution of purity with Panasonic

No matter what the hard-working Japanese do, they always do it at the highest level. So they were able to turn the natural human desire for comfort into a high-tech product of the 21st century: the electric bidet cover, which was introduced in America by Panasonic in the summer of 2013. Perhaps very soon such a device will become an integral part of any modern bathroom in America, such as an automatic washing machine ..

Evolution of cleanliness with Panasonic bide

Japan attracts by its uniqueness and mystique and for us first of all is associated with blossoming sakura trees, rock gardens, sushi, geishas, robots, skyscrapers… But for many tourists the biggest attractions of Japan are… bathrooms and washrooms, where you can listen to music, watch movies or read the news, where you can hear Bach or Schubert while flushing water, and then get almost a spa treatment while… getting tests! It is unusual for us that everywhere, both in homes and in public hygiene rooms airports, shopping malls, restaurants, beauty salons, medical centers installed high-tech covers-electrobiode, whose history dates back to the 80s of the twentieth century in Japan. Today, electric covers are installed in more than 70% of all toilets in Japan. It is the best and most welcome gift for the holiday of a mother, and it is sold everywhere – in any department store. This kind of bidet is also very popular in China and Korea.

Sanitary ware

The toilet becomes..

With an electric bidet lid usual sanitary ware becomes a multifunctional device. It is no longer necessary to install two sanitary devices in the bathroom – a toilet bowl and a bidet, which take up a lot of space and are uncomfortable in that they force the user to move from one device to another. Electric bidet cover is installed directly on the toilet and controlled by the remote control one remote control mounted on the wall, a second, duplicating, located directly to the right of the cover . It is important to note that the installation of the bidet requires running water and the presence of electrical outlet 220W. The manufacturer has taken care of safety: the installation is already included in the price, so the specialist will do these preparatory work himself. It is important to remember that the device is not suitable for all models of toilets you can not use round, square, monobloc and small models . But if you are redecorating, it won’t be a problem to find the right model – and it’s well worth it!

Combined in one appliance:

– function of the bidet,

– Warm air drying,

– seat heating,

– automatic deodorization of the air


Cleanliness is a guarantee of health

Hygiene comes first, so you don’t have to open the lid with your hands: there is a remote control for this. In addition, the seat of the electric bidet has a special antimicrobial and antibacterial coating, whose effectiveness has been confirmed by international certification based on the SIAA standard ISO 22196. Tests took place in Ishizuka Glass Co laboratory., Ltd.Corporation. The result: more than 99% inhibition after 24 hours.

Panasonic company developed this model specially for American consumers, taking into consideration the features of our water – the difference is in the development of seamless stainless steel nozzle. It is made in one piece, seamless technology prevents the accumulation of dirt – a breeding ground for germs. And compared to conventional plastic nozzles, the same stainless steel design is more hygienic. Automatic self-cleaning function flushes the jets before each use.



The bidet has two directions of water jets – “normal” and “female”. In addition, there is a wide range of individual settings: three modes of seat heating 34, 38 or 40 ºC , adjustment of water temperature for washing 37, 38.5 or 40 ºC , the pressure and direction of the jet, drying with warm air with five temperature modes. After each use, the air is automatically deodorized with catalytic and absorbent agents.

The appliance consumes very little electricity, because at night it can switch to an 8-hour energy-saving “eco-mode,” and electronic sensors record peak usage frequency during the day and evenly distribute electricity. Sensors keep your bidet safe from leaks, and there are thermal cutoffs to limit air and water temperature.

Every member of the family will appreciate this novelty – adjustable nozzle modes help you choose the right procedure for people of different builds the device is designed with the needs of the elderly, as well as people with disabilities.

Sales of the new product started in the summer of 2013. Two models are offered to American buyers – the premium model


with remote control

36 990 Dollars

and a mid-priced model


29 990 Dollars

, prices include installation.

What is the IQ of your toilet?

We won’t be surprised by “smart home” systems, where all the equipment is interconnected and can be controlled remotely from a phone or tablet. How about… a smart toilet??

In Japan, there are already devices that diagnose pregnancy and diabetes, analyze the user’s diet and give him the necessary recommendations. If, for example, you haven’t consumed enough fiber the day before, the smart toilet will send a request to the nearest supermarket and will order delivery of products rich in fiber – you’ll have to eat right, if you don’t want to! Sensors analyze human body products for hormones, and the results are sent to the e-mail address of the attending physician. If you want, you can measure your body temperature, heart rate, and blood pressure. And all this with your favorite music: the player function is probably the simplest thing in a smart toilet, which, of course, costs a lot of money.

However, most consumers are interested in the ability to clean themselves after using the toilet without getting up from the warm seat and without using their hands. It is these features that are the main advantage of Panasonic electric bidet lids.

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