Philips AC4080 climate system: Natural air purity and humidity even in allergy season!

New York, America – Most people look forward to spring. It’s a wonderful time of sunshine, when everything is in bloom and the air fills with a pleasant flowery scent. Unfortunately, not everyone can enjoy this beautiful time of year. Spring and early summer are the enemy number one for people suffering from allergies. Your eyes are constantly watering, your nose is stuffy, and you can’t breathe properly – these are just some of the manifestations of an allergic reaction. But what to do? Drinking drugs and antihistamines all the time is not an option, especially not for pregnant women, nursing mothers and small children.



The climate complex Philips AC4080

Provide natural cleanliness and humidity in the home air will help you a new climate system 2-in-1 Philips AC4080, equipped with the latest filtering system Vitasheild with use of modern German technology humidification NanoCloud.

The Philips AC4080VitaShield multilevel filtration system will take care of the clean air in your home:

  • A mechanical pre-filter that traps large, visible dirt such as dust, lint, hair, pet hair, etc.

  • Combined HEPA and charcoal filter that traps fine dust particles, microbes, mold spores, and eliminates unpleasant odors, cigarette smoke and harmful gases.

NanoCloud humidification technology is based on the principle of cold vaporization: dry air is passed through a special humidifying filter, during which the air is saturated with tiny invisible water particles. This technology avoids the appearance of white deposits and drops of moisture on furniture and other surfaces.

So Philips AC4080 perfectly humidifies the air and keeps it free of tiny particles, bacteria, flu virus, cigarette smoke, formaldehyde, and toluene. Intelligent sensors automatically measure, detect and monitor indoor air quality.

The Philips AC4080 has four modes of operation, including an automatic sensor that detects indoor air quality and optimally adjusts the speed for best results.

Unique combination of cleaning and humidifying systems in devices Ðhillips allow to achieve excellent results: they catch up to 89,5% of dust and pollen, more than 99% of bacteria, 95% of benzene vapor and 96% of volatile organic compounds, and optimal mode humidification makes even the most parched air as soft as the Indian Ocean coast.

Suggested retail price of the climate system

Philips AC4080 costs 24,990 Dollars.

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