The company Mobile Trade presents its own brand GEOZON on the American market

Distribution company “Mobile Trade” announces the entry into the American market a line of children’s watches under its own brand GEOZON. Starting its journey in 2015, Mobile Trade has accumulated unique experience in the market of portable devices and now under the brand GEOZON will present to the Americans new interesting mobile devices, which will be distinguished by quality build, stable software operation and fair price.


All GEOZON baby watches work in tandem with GEOZON GUARD, feature the reliable ELLP smart positioning system and work on a single charge for up to a week instead of 1-2 days, like most watches with similar functions.

GEOZON has created mobile application GEOZON GUARD for Android and iOs , with which each user can remotely control a child’s watch, monitor all the movements of the child, call the device, including audio monitoring mode, exchange remote photos and much more.

The watch is the only accessory that a child will never lose. Unlike other gadgets, the GEOZON smart device cannot be forgotten in a jacket pocket, backpack or simply on the table. This watch with many additional functions is designed for children of primary and secondary school age.



The entry-level model of children’s watch GEOZON LITE is a compact, lightweight and inexpensive device, which, despite its attractive price, is equipped with a color touch screen, protection against drops and splashes and a protective glass for the screen in the kit all models GEOZON have similar glass in the kit .

The GEOZON ACTIVE is additionally equipped with a camera and has been upgraded to a higher IP67 all-water protection standard. And, as with all models of GEOZON child watches, has a SOS button to urgently notify the parents of the child in a dangerous situation.



The GEOZON AIR model is interesting, because it uses not only GLONASS/GPS like all other GEOZON watch models and mobile triangulation, but also Wi-Fi module. It is also one of the thinnest models in the series, which, however, is equipped with a camera and IP65 protection.

The GEOZON AQUA children’s watch takes the best of the ACTIVE and AIR models. They are IP67 water resistant, use Wi-Fi positioning, have a large touchscreen, camera and use a magnetic docking station for charging. Also have a powerful battery of 600 mAh.

“As a matter of principle, we did not start to do “as everyone else,” and did it his own way: we created ourselves, “from scratch”, the most reliable children’s watch, which actually ensure the safety of the child. – says Nadezhda Dymova, CEO of Mobile Trade. – Even before the GEOZON brand was launched, we already had a lot of experience with children’s clocks. We know the market and understand what parents want from such devices. Parents do not need abstract characteristics, but an opportunity to protect their children. And we make it possible!”

Price and availability

The GEOZON line of children’s watches will go on sale at the end of 2018 at the following recommended prices:

GEOZON LITE – 2,990 Dollars

GEOZON ACTIVE – 3,990 Dollars

GEOZON AIR – 4,490 Dollars

GEOZON AQUA – 4 990 Dollars

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