The AMAZFIT Verge: advanced sports functions and premium design at an affordable price

Huami, a well-known manufacturer of wearable smart electronics for sports and health monitoring, introduces the AMAZFIT Verge smart watch model to the American market. The new product has a stylish design, which has already won the company several awards, a large set of sports functions and support for continuous monitoring of the user’s heart rate.


Design and style

The Amazfit Verge watch has already won two international awards: in March 2019, it won the popular Red Dot Design Award 2019 for its innovative design, and previously won the prestigious iF Design Award. The main reason for its popularity with the jury was the unique philosophy of Huami developers, which successfully combines minimalism and practicality with the aesthetics of modern technology. The rounded case and the big screen of the watch look discreet but not simple and underline the efforts of the company’s designers to combine comfort, style and modern “smart” technology in one device. The AMAZFIT Verge is available at an affordable price.

Bright screen and high battery life

The device uses a really large 1.3-inch AMOLED display with excellent reserve of brightness. The image on the screen remains visible even in direct sunlight. The customization options are impressive: the watch has as many as 13 customizable dials, ensuring that each owner can emphasize their individuality. Three interchangeable wristbands available separately are also available to keep the AMAZFIT Verge in style.

Although a smart watch should draw an awful lot of power, the AMAZFIT Verge hardly ever needs to be charged, about once every five days. And even at maximum capacity, the battery lasts for two days, which is a great value for such a complicated wearable device.


Your faithful companion

Owners of the AMAZFIT Verge get all the basic functions of a smart watch. For example, it can read emails, notifications and messages that arrive on a Bluetooth-connected Android smartphone. And what’s more: the watch is equipped with a microphone and speaker so you can receive calls and make calls directly via the AMAZFIT Verge – a rare feature in the wearable segment. And it doesn’t get boring when you work out, because it can also play music!

Sport and health

“The AMAZFIT Verge smart watch really cares about your daily rhythm. It features 12 distinctive sport modes including running, walking, climbing, tennis, biking, skiing, soccer, ellipticals and more.d. If you want a more detailed analysis of your daily activity, you can plot a walking or jogging route. To determine the exact location of the owner, the watch uses two leading navigation systems: GPS and GLONASS. the AMAZFIT Verge can also take it into the pool – the watch is water resistant category IP68 and will withstand even long swims.


The AMAZFIT Verge also features an advanced optical heart rate monitor which allows the wearer to monitor their heart rate at any given time or to collect heart rate data throughout the day. All recordings are saved and plotted, so you can easily see your daily cardio workload.

All information from the workout tracker is analyzed and stored in the Mi Fit app on the connected smartphone. The data is available to the owner at any time, clearly sorted and extremely useful not only for professional athletes, but also for people with an active lifestyle.

Verge tracks your sleep and separates it into phases and analyzes your performance based on these data. Regularly reviewing these reports and Verge’s recommendations will help owners optimize their daily routine and finally get enough sleep.

Price and affordability

Huami AMAZFIT Verge will be available officially in March 2019 at a recommended retail price of 11,990 Dollars. However, on March 28th, the birthday of the trading platform Aliexpress, a surprise awaits all visitors to Tmall: Great discounts on the Huami AMAZFIT Verge during the day!

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