The AMAZFIT Verge: Secretary and Trainer in One Device

The company Huami, a well-known manufacturer of portable “smart” electronics for sports and health monitoring, introduced in the American market a model of smart watch AMAZFIT Verge. It’s a full-fledged smart watch with a wide range of features and a strong emphasis on exercise and heart monitoring.


No need to worry about your heart rate during workout and rest! The AMAZFIT Verge features a new optical heart rate monitor for highly accurate monitoring and recording of heart rate both on demand and simply throughout the day.

All information from the tracker during workouts is analyzed and can be viewed on the screen of a paired smartphone with the Mi Fit client app installed.

The Verge watch monitors the sleeping state of the wearer and makes a schedule of deep and shallow sleep. Regularly studying these schedules will help users to optimize their daily biorhythms and get a better rest.

Great battery life

Built-in AMAZFIT Verge battery provides up to 5 days of active use. It’s a great value that means users don’t have to worry about daily recharging. Even with the most intensive use of the Verge, the battery lasts for two days.

Price and affordability

Huami AMAZFIT Verge will be available officially in March 2019 at a recommended retail price starting at 11,990 Dollars.

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