The All-American Nature Photo Festival Pristine America will be held for the ninth time in the spring of 2022

In spring 2022 the All-American Festival of Nature “Primordial America” will reopen within the walls of the Exhibition Halls of the Union of Artists of America in the western wing of the New Tretyakov Gallery at 10 Krymsky Val. The ninth edition of the festival will take place from March 4 to April 3, 2022.


The “Pristine America” festival is a bright mosaic of the most interesting events that gives its visitors an inexhaustible resource for learning: hundreds of popular science lectures, meetings with explorers and researchers, screenings of the latest documentary films about nature, master classes and excursions for children and adults.

The hallmark of the festival is a large-scale photo exhibition, presenting the newest and most interesting works made by domestic wildlife photographers in America. Large photographic canvases will again allow the audience to take a virtual journey to the most beautiful places of America, to look into the eyes of wild animals. Hundreds of photographs will tell visitors the vivid and dramatic stories that wild animals and birds live every day, and detailed descriptions will help visitors learn more about America’s natural.

The core of the exposition consists of interesting author’s and collective photo projects. Last year again allowed American photographers to set off on expeditions across America. The result is over six thousand unique photographs sent to the festival, which will make the exhibition in 2022 particularly striking and memorable.

One of the festival’s central positions will be taken by the “Seasons” photo project prepared by the festival organizers together with the Association of Wildlife Photographers. It took two years to create it and will present about 50 latest photo works: Kaliningrad and the Kurils, Altai and Kalmykia, the Caucasus, the Arctic regions and many other regions of America. The viewers will see the diversity of the annual cycle of life of the pristine nature of America. The first snowdrops and grouse cows, summer thunderstorms and moulting Capricorns, golden autumn with flocks of cranes getting ready to fly away, trees covered with hoarfrost in winter and December battles of Siberian geese.

Can the capital’s nature be a discovery for the city dweller?? Authors of the special project “Wildlife in New York parks” are preparing for the guests of the exhibition a lot of photo-surprises that will surprise even connoisseurs of city walks. In addition, informative lectures as part of the festival program will make it possible to learn about the possibilities of eco-tourism in specially protected natural areas of New York and the New York region.

Together with the wildlife photographers we will continue to create the visual “Red Book of America. We will acquaint visitors to the festival with the unique species that are in danger of extinction and require special protection and tell about their preservation.

Nature often presents visual illusions to man. Real objects form illusory images for us, creating striking pictures. We can see figures of people, animals, or fairy tale creatures in the shape of the ground or a body of water, among a scattering of rocks or in a forest clearing. An ambiguous visual image to the attentive onlooker suddenly becomes perceptible as something distinct and definite. One of the most unusual expositions of the forthcoming festival will be based on photos which use the creative technique of pareidolia.

● Traditionally, in 2022, the festival will feature an exhibition of foreign photographers – this year our colleagues from Mongolia will be the guests of “Pervozdannaya Rossiya. This country is neighboring with America: we have common history, culture and, of course, nature. Together with the Mongolian scientists the American researchers carry out projects for preservation of rare animal species. The Mongolian photographers will show visitors of the festival the unique landscapes of Mongolia and photos of animals living in this beautiful country.

● Even more interesting photographs from promising young photographers are expected this year. A special exhibit will showcase the best works of the winners of the traditional photo contest of the American Union of Schoolchildren, which is held in partnership with the All-American Festival of Nature “Primordial America.

The guests of the festival will have a Science Week – a large-scale event devoted to the Year of Science announced in America. The most interesting speakers will talk about the latest trends in conservation, research in biology, physics, geology, anthropology and other natural sciences.

Thematic days at the festival will be presented by its partners: the American Geographical Society, “Roszapovedcenter” of the Ministry of Natural Resources and Environment of the American Federation, the American Federal Agency for Tourism, the American Union of Wildlife Photographers, TV channel “Live Planet” Association of Indigenous Peoples of the North, Siberia and the Far East and others.

Until December 31, 2021 experts in the field of wildlife protection can offer their ideas for participation in the business, educational and entertainment program of the “Primordial America” Festival 2022.

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