Test vertical vacuum cleaner Miele S 7580


Enormous operating radius, maneuverability, hygiene, economy, intelligent control, ergonomic design, integrated nozzle storage.

Miele S 7580 upright vacuum cleaner

It’s time to solve the problem of cord entanglement in upright vacuums.


POWER: max. 1800 watt.

FILTERING: Active HEPA filter SF-AH 30 , 9-layer dust bag with protective grid.

CONTROL AND INDICATION: regulation of power by means of +/- buttons on the body, automatic power detection auto step , symbolic signs for power steps. On/off switch on the handle. Indicators: selected power, brushing performance, outgoing air filter replacement, dust bag full, thermal motor protection activation. Parking system with auto shut-off for small breaks in operation .

CONSTRUCTION: dust canister capacity of 6 liters, range 14 m, automatic adjustment of the gap between the floor and the nozzle through the free suspension of the brush, flexible stretchable hose, ergonomic rounded handle, articulated connection of the nozzle and the body, rubber castors on steel axles, tube attachment for accessories, suction tube vertical parking on the body of the cleaner, soft bumper around the body to protect furniture, swiveling hooks to wind the power cord, carrying handle. Mechanical protection against the use of the device without a dust bag. Pedal for tilting the body of the vacuum cleaner to a comfortable working position and overcoming thresholds. The upright position for working on stairs.

COMPENSATION: SFD 10 brush mower for hard-to-reach places length 30 cm , mower for cleaning soft furniture, brush mower with natural bristles.

DIMENSIONS: not available, not provided by manufacturer main nozzle width 35 cm.

WEIGHT: 10 kg.

WARRANTY: 2 years.



This model has the most sophisticated design of all vacuum cleaners tested. This goes for literally all the basics: portability, nice little things that make it easy to use, hygienic, economical, easy to see controls.

The nozzle and body are hinged to allow the cleaner to reach under low furniture with legs that are 17 cm brush or 22 cm entire body high. In the photo you can see how the model literally “lays” on the floor. The same swivel joint allows you to swivel the nozzle at quite large angles, which makes cleaning easier and more efficient. Despite the decent weight and not the smallest size, the vacuum cleaner is easy to work: the hand does not get tired, as properly calculated center of gravity, the wheels roll easily, brush maneuvering great.

All three nozzles included in the kit are stored directly in the body and are always at hand, while not dangling on the tube, but inserted in special niches. The nozzles themselves are very practical: the crevice nozzle has an increased length of 30 cm, the head of the brush nozzle rotates, it can be given a comfortable position. We love the fact that the position of the vacuum cleaner is selected with the foot pedal and that the suction mode through the tube is activated by the user, not regulated by the position of the body of the vacuum cleaner. In the case of Miele, there is no risk that while cleaning, suction through the nozzle suddenly stops and the air goes through the tube it happens with other models, as we found out .

The main brush head has a built-in electric turbo brush roller i.e., it’s a power tool .e. it is electrically powered, not air-flow driven, which is more efficient . The Turbo Brush is a great additional device for effective carpet cleaning and can be activated by a special button on the handle – very handy!. Interesting that even such a detail, as a special groove on the roller of the turbo brush: to clean it from hair and threads on this groove need to pass a knife or blade: all the winding debris will be cut and can be easily removed.

The power is adjusted elementary – with the +/- buttons on the body and the selected power is shown by the light indicators: it is impossible to make a mistake. If you are not sure what power is suitable for the surface to be cleaned, it is easiest to use the so-called “automatic step”: you press the button on the body and the vacuum cleaner selects the power itself depending on the type of flooring.

If it is necessary to make a short break in work, for example, to answer a call, it is possible to park the vacuum cleaner vertically and it will switch off for a while, and then it will resume work in the chosen mode.

If you are working on a ladder, it is important that the vacuum cleaner does not suddenly roll or fall down the stairs. The system locks the body in a fixed upright position by simply lowering the bail arm.

Backlighting the main nozzle can be useful if you went into a poorly lit place – corridor, closet, utility closet.

The weak point of all vertical vacuum cleaners – the winding of the cord on the handle with a tube and no auto winding, but this model has special devices to help keep the situation with the wire under control: for example, clothespin, fixing the end of the wire, and rotary hook, unscrewing which can remove the entire wire at once, not unwind it. The only disadvantage that we found in this model – the wire can interfere with cleaning, but this scourge of all “vertical machines” without exception.

Test with the Miele S 7580Miele S_7580_2 upright vacuum cleaner

Test of a Miele S 7580Miele_S_7580_3.jpg vertical vacuum cleaner

Miele S 7580Miele_S_7580_4 upright vacuum cleaner test

Test of the Miele S 7580Miele_S_7580_5 upright vacuum cleaner


We scattered a mixture of cereal, tea, dried herbs all over the test carpet that’s 4 different carpet surfaces , with good dirt trampled into the carpet. Interesting, that the results were the same in all the three power modes that we used: for not so dirty carpets we just wanted to see if it could do it , for very dirty carpets and hard floors, for the daily quiet cleaning eco step , and in auto mode, when the vacuum cleaner finds the necessary power by itself.

Miele S 7580Miele_S_7580_10 upright vacuum cleaner test

Miele S 7580Miele_S_7580_9 upright vacuum cleaner test

Test of vertical vacuum cleaner Miele S 7580Miele_S_7580_7


Convenient! The hose has a carrying capacity of 370 cm, the telescopic tube 70 cm and the tool length of 4 meters and 70 cm. The long brush or brush attachment with soft bristles can be used for vacuuming picture frames, shelves, chandeliers, archways, cornices and any other decorative, high-lying surfaces. It is convenient that the handle and the tube form an angle, and not located on one straight line, as in one of the models of the test. The angled design makes vacuuming high up surfaces much more convenient.

Miele S 7580Miele_S_7580_8 upright vacuum cleaner test


Outlet air filter must be replaced about once a year after 50 hours of use . Indicators will remind you to change the filter and bag, which means that the user doesn’t need to remember when to change anything at all. It is interesting that such an expert in household appliances as Miele and did not “change” the bag-dust collectors in favor of plastic containers. The thing is the superhygienic nature of their proprietary bags, which do not release a single speck of dust not only during use, but also during replacement, as the hole in them immediately automatically closes with a special valve, and when disposing of the bag you will not breathe a single dust particle and not stain your hands. The dust-collector compartment of the device is perfectly clean after our dirt!

Miele S 7580Miele S_7580_11 upright vacuum cleaner test

Miele S 7580Miele S_7580_12 upright vacuum cleaner test

Miele S 7580Miele_S_7580_13 upright vacuum cleaner test

Miele S 7580Miele_S_7580_14 upright vacuum cleaner test

Miele S 7580Miele S_7580_15 upright vacuum cleaner test

Miele S 7580Miele_S_7580_6 upright vacuum cleaner test


– 6 steps of power with symbolic display for different types of surfaces:

– curtains, textiles,

– upholstered furniture, cushions,

– High quality carpets and runners,

– ECO step economical daily cleaning with reduced noise level,

– Low dirt carpeting,

– Hard floors, heavily soiled carpeting.

Miele experts recommend cleaning surfaces not at maximum, but at the appropriate and suitable power level: it helps to save energy and makes cleaning more efficient.

– Automatic step – the vacuum cleaner selects its own power depending on the surface.

– Main nozzle with light for cleaning darkened areas.

– Integrated storage of three nozzles in the body.

– The HooClean dust bag is made of a 9-layer mechanically resistant non-woven material, to trap dust and small objects. A special foil layer protects the bag from damage by nails or shards of glass. Automatic HyClose gate valve helps hygienically dispose of the dust canister, preventing hands from contact with dust and dust from escaping. Special guides help to properly distribute the air flow to fill the dustbag evenly, which means – the suction performance will be maintained even with a lot of filled bag.

– Active HEPA Filter provides HEPA class 12 filtration, t.e. Traps microscopic particles that people with allergy problems react to. A layer of activated carbon neutralizes unpleasant odors.

– Turbo brush to remove hair and pet hair from the floor and more thorough cleaning of carpets.

Price: 29 900 Dollars.

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