Test of the Valera SN 9000 RC


BENEFITS: compact size combined with high power, two narrow concentrators in the kit.

RESULTS: No ionization.

Technical parameters



POWER: claimed 1700-2000 watts at 220-240 V .

OPERATION MODES: 3 modes of heating warm/hot/very hot , 2 airflow speeds low airflow/strong airflow , 6 combinations in all 2 keys for stepped switches.

COOL SPRAYER: Yes, activated by pressing a button.


AEROFRESH BAG: removable, with metal gauze.

HANDS: 2 concentrators – 6 cm 1 cm wide I and 7.5 cm 8 mm wide .

WEIGHT: 773 g with wire

DISTANCE: 3m Rotocord system .

DIMENSIONS: 16.0×26.0 cm., COLOR: black., WARRANTY: 2 years.



OVERALL IMPRESSION. Probably the most compact hair dryer we tested, but it was never really small. And understandably, since we’re not dealing with a travel aid but with a powerful barber’s art worker. All the more reason to appreciate the manufacturers’ desire to pack serious content into a small package.

The hair dryer can not be compared with a feather, it is quite palpable in its weight. Handle feels good, feels good in your hand, doesn’t pop out – OK.

CHANGE:. Your head requires a little effort to detach, but the concentrator is fairly easy to put on – GOOD.

The concentrator pivots, so you can style your hair more thoroughly – OK.

SWITCHING MODES. The switches are on the side of the handle so you don’t have to stop to change modes – great.

Cold air blow. You have to hold the button with your finger – GOOD.

Hair dryers

CARE. To remove the air intake grille, you need to turn it counter-clockwise, to install it in place – clockwise – GOOD.

SCHOOL. The Rotocord system gives you maximum comfort: no cord to kink and no knots. The cord is long, two-core, section of a core of 1 mm2 – OBLIGIOUS.

BOTTOM. Standard, sturdy, large enough – OK.

Features of the construction

Hair dryers

The manufacturers claim that the hair dryer has a wave-shaped, hair-driven heating


The design is based on the AC LONG-LIFE motor and the concentric-collector element. Hair dryer life of more than 2,000 hours.

The Rotocord, the manufacturer’s patented rotating attachment that allows you to forget about twisting the cord forever and allows it to rotate freely 360°, draws your attention.

Special Modes

No. This hair dryer is suitable for those ladies who mistrust functions which are not always easy to understand and visible to the eye, such as ionization, but value quality and comfort.

Special modes

For personal care

A workhorse, this hair dryer is designed to be both quick and fun. An interesting feature – the kit includes two concentrator nozzles, instead of one, as with most models.

What it does for the user? The hair dryer’s two concentrator heads deliver warm airflow to the hair strand of your choice, so you can dry and style each strand in turn.

The wide nozzles are gentler, i.e. k. disperse the air over a large area. the unit offers the same performance in combination with two narrow concentrators but dries out neighbouring curls at the same time. The narrower nozzle concentrates the air into a single point, allowing you to thoroughly style a small strand of hair. So a wider concentrator is good for drying and light styling, and a thinner concentrator for thorough styling – LONG-LIFE.

Six temperature and speed combinations are today’s standard – GOOD.


The cold air blast function is excellent for all temperatures. Even at maximum temperature the air gets really cool a few seconds after you press the button – AWESOME.


1. The safety thermostat that automatically cuts off the hair dryer in case of overheating. After a short break, it restarts automatically. The unit ran at maximum temperature/airflow rate for an hour, but that wasn’t enough time for overheating.

2. Marking on the side of the housing: Do not use near water. The manual has all the necessary information, such as the need to unplug the dryer after it has been run, and that it must not be used near water containers. The section recommending connection of the differential safety switch is even printed in larger font. Further explanations are also provided, such as how to remove the hair dryer from the water bath.

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