Test triple curling iron Valera Wave Master 647.03

The curler is used to create light curls. Everything works quite simply if you understand the algorithm. You separate a strand of hair, clamp the curler at the top closer to the roots, hold it for about thirty seconds and then move the curler down a little bit and so on until the end of the strand. The process is not complicated and even a little bit fascinating.We did not get very curly hair, the degree of “curl” depends on how close to the previous wave superimpose the next one. The locks get interesting and one wants to experiment more and more, creating new hairstyles.

For personal care


FUNCTIONS: creating curls.

CONTROL: Display, On, Off buttons, “-” and “+” temperature regulator, lock.

FEATURES: thermally insulated tips, ion emission hole, 2×0.75 mm² cord, 360° cord rotation, cord length – over 3 meters rubberized body, weight 525 g.

COLOUR: black/red.

WARRANTY: 2 years for household use, 1 year for professional use.



Temperature – fine hair 140°C,

fine wavy hair 170 ° C,

thick curly hair 210 ° C.

The temperature can be adjusted and the setting can be fixed, so that you do not accidentally change the settings.

During the entire operation of the device creates a flow of negative ions, which keep the necessary moisture in the hair, making it smoother, helping to reduce static electricity and eliminate the effect of “flying hair”.


The possibility to choose the temperature mode that is necessary for you is one of the undoubted advantages of this curler. At the same temperature does not affect the quality of work, even at the lowest values curls are obtained normally, but the hair is such a gentle treatment very much like.

Important to have ionization. Hair really becomes smooth, shiny, not electrified.

For ultimate grooming
For self-care


Everything is simple, convenient, modern. A big display that shows the working parameters, convenient on/off and temperature buttons on the handle of the curler – that’s actually all the tricks. Separate panel locking knob is located, it creates additional convenience when storing the curler.


The manufacturer uses such materials that the curling iron is pleasant to hold: it’s warm and its slightly velvety surface is very gentle to the skin.

You can’t say it’s light, but you can feel it in your hand. At the same time its weight is not critical. The 15th girl easily styled all her hair and did not complain that the curling iron is heavy.

The cord also deserves special attention. Above all, it is really long. The full length of more than 3 meters is enough to comfortably fit in front of the mirror, even when you are far away from the socket.

Secondly, it freely rotates 360° and therefore does not get tangled even with such an impressive length.

And finally it is of good quality, in a reliable rubberized braid, which shows the safety of the device and implicitly indicates a high quality of the whole product.

For self-care

The Valera

  1. Easy to use
  2. The reliability of .
  3. Convenience of control.
  4. Temperature control.
  5. Ionization.
  6. Long cord.
  7. The 360°swivel cord.

No carrying case for easy storage and transportation.

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