Test of the Tefal Crep’party Dual PY6001 2-in-1 Pancake Maker

Small appliances for the kitchen

Interchangeable molds for different numbers of pancakes, good non-stick coating, long cord.

Pancake makers

When baking two pancakes the whole surface heats up, the pancake maker is not small, it is not easy to find a storage space.

Pancake makerTefal

Tefal Crep’party Dual PY6001 2-in-1 Pancake Maker

Technical Data


Cooking 2 pancakes d 18.5 cm or 6 pancakes d 11.5 cm.


: 1150 Watt.


Size : 50x36x9 cm.


: 2 removable trays for 2/6 pancakes, 6 spatulas, 1 pastry ladle.


Plug and play, heat indicator Thermo-spot.


Non-stick coated aluminum heating surface, thermoplastic body.


: it can be vertical, it has an integrated storage system.


: 2 years.


the manufacturer

: France.

The spatula of a Tefal pancake maker


It is quite simple. Simply place the baking tray you want on the pancake lid, plug it in and look at the Thermo-spot indicator which you know from Tefal pans. When it turns evenly red, you can bake pancakes. In principle, experience has shown that you don’t have to wait that long: after about 3 minutes, the surface is already hot and the indicator is not quite red yet. You fill a crêpe with a spoon and after about 30 to 40 seconds you turn it and that’s it.

Since 2 pancakes or 6 pancakes are cooked simultaneously, the process goes quickly and you will not get bored.

We grease the surface with vegetable oil before baking each batch of pancakes. Some users grease the surface only before the first pancake, and then pour the batter that way. Not a single pancake stuck to the surface, although we didn’t use the spatula included in the delivery set they are suitable for small pans , but we used our own silicone one.


Although the pancakes were poured with the ladle provided, the pancake did not spill all over the surface. Missed the wooden stick to form a perfect shape. Manufacturers recommend to distribute the batter with the back side of the ladle, but it is not very convenient.

The entire tray for two pancakes is heated, not just the pancake molds. This is due to the fact that the heating element is located on the perimeter because the 6 pancakes on the second tray occupy the entire surface , so you can get burned unknowingly. Be careful.

Since the entire tray heats up, and its area is not a small one, the heat from the pancake maker after 10 minutes goes very strong. When cooking a large number of pancakes, this can be quite noticeable.

pancake makerTefal



The pancake maker is big enough in length, but flat and narrow. You need 50×36 cm of space on a flat surface for storing food.


The appliance simply plugs in and then turns itself off. Not very comfortable when the pancake maker is hot, to climb behind it and pull out the plug. True, the power cord is long – 2 m. This makes it possible to put the pancake maker even on the dining table and cook there. This is especially convenient when everyone makes their own pancakes or pancakes.


– No power button.

– No temperature setting.

    You can’t make it cooler/hotter.

    The temperature is set automatically.

    We didn’t find any mention of overheating protection in the manual. Worked with the device every time for 15-20 minutes maximum – the pancakes do not burn, t.e. temperature control. But deliberately leave the device on for a long time, and we advise you not to forget to unplug it from the socket.

    – Heating indicator.

    In principle, there is one – the original Thermo-spot. But the burning light is more expressive and unambiguous.


    Because the trays are detachable, they are very easy to keep clean: you can take them to the sink and wash them there with warm water and dishwashing detergent. The instructions tell us that the trays and spatulas can be washed in the dishwasher.


    The pancake maker can be stored vertically. Very simple and original thought-out system for storing accessories: all spatulas, ladle and power cord are stowed in their places, and one of the trays is put on top of the bottom. Everything is great. Only we recommend to put a cellophane bag on top of the pancake maker, so as not to scratch the non-stick surface when placing the pancake maker on the shelf.

    4350 Dollars.

    pancake makerTefal

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