Test of the hand mixer Polaris PHM 3009A

Advantages: sleek appearance, powerful enough.

Weaknesses: every speck of dust can be seen on the black, the cord is short.

Polaris mixer PHM 3009A

Hand mixer

The characteristics

POWER: 300W.

CONTROL: 6 speeds, turbo mode.

FITTING: 2 whisk attachments, 2 hooks.

DIMENSIONS: 193h85h143 mm, whisk, hooks 155 mm, 770 mm cord.

WEIGHT: 1.1 kg.

The mixer makes a very good impression at first sight – laconic appearance, no frills. According to dimensions it can be attributed to the optimal size model – not small, not big, approximately as such, and probably should be the mixer. Both pairs of nozzles are made of polished stainless steel. Whisk with wide blades although the photo shows a wire box , the outside of each is grooved, the top of the blades is flat, with a smooth transition.

The free length of the nozzles up to the button is 15.5 cm.

The body of the model is made of black plastic and the sides are covered with steel. When in use, fingerprints, flour and dust are clearly visible on the surfaces.

The shape of the mixer resembles a travel mug.



The mixer did a great job, and is one of the quality champions. It managed to cream the whites beautifully, they were creamy and very dense, just a peek!

The height of the cap was third. Whipping speed – second speed.


I would estimate that the device works efficiently: it takes only a few moments for the potatoes to turn into mashed potatoes, and firstly we switch on the first speed – no problem. Especially when milk and butter are added, the puree is homogeneous, fluffy, tender.


Mixing hooks on right and left side. They are long enough to work in a deep bowl.

The mixer jumps into action vigorously with the dough. Its first speed is quite high, at first the components are well blended and not scattered. But when the dough is formed, kneading it becomes not quite comfortable: the springs rotate too fast – pieces of dough come off and fly to the sides.

The device behaves quite confidently when kneading large amounts of dough although it is not easy to mix the dough thoroughly. With bread dough, when working in the thickness – not enough force, the springs rotate more slowly. The left whisk does not sit quite firmly in the socket, the bread dough easily snatches it away.


The mixer has 6 speeds and a turbo mode which can be activated at any speed, increasing speed by 20%. Recommended duration of operation in turbo mode is not specified.

Speed regulator is rotary with large lever, only first and sixth speeds are marked. Switching it on is done with the thumb, the mode is clicked into place, so you don’t have to jump over steps. The regulator is conveniently located.

The “turbo” button is in the front, it is not a big button, the inscription on it got erased during the test.

The whisk attachment release button is large with a recess for your finger. It locks when the speed is on.


The device is equipped with a turbo mode. The mixer has the highest working power in our test, which is particularly noticeable when working with dough. The duration of continuous whipping is limited to only three minutes.


The center of gravity of the device is moved to the seats for whisk attachments which reduces the load on the hand when whipping. The mixer handle is wide enough to hold the appliance comfortably in your hand. This mixer is one of the heaviest in the test – 1kg 100g. When working for a long time in a viscous environment in our case with dough , the hand gets a little tired, because of this the mixer does not get the maximum points.


The design ensures the mixer’s stable position both on the “heel” and on the bottom. We checked the vertical position by pushing the mixer lightly, then harder from the side – it rocked, but didn’t fall over. When pushing on the side of the handle only a little goes forward, immediately returning to the normal position. On the side of the whisk attachment it did not react at all to our pushes. The “heel” is where the airflow generated by the motor during operation is led. For this reason the flat surface is equipped with a pair of mini-legs, thanks to which the holes remain free and there is less chance that they will be blocked with something when placed on the table.

The mixer has the shortest wire, some housewives will have to adapt. When storing the wire can not be wound onto the body, so special locks are not provided.


The “voice” of the mixer is confident, cheerful, not annoying, although you can not call it imperceptible.


Advantages: sleek appearance, powerful enough.

Disadvantages: I can see every speck of dust on the black one, the cord is too short.

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