Test of DYNAUDIO Excite X32 Speaker System

DYNAUDIO Excite X32 – compact speakers with “big” sound.

The Excite family is the entry level series of loudspeakers for the Danish company DYNAUDIO, which recently celebrated its 30th anniversary and replaced Audience. Today the lineup consists of five speaker systems: two X12 and X16 shelf speakers, a center X22 and floor standing speakers X32 and X36. In this review we will get acquainted with one of the “older” models X32.

Test by: Denis Goncharov, Consumer magazine. Video & Audio

Floor-standing acoustics



The X32 speaker system comes in a compact cabinet just under a meter high 92cm with a narrow 17cm faceplate and a shallow cabinet depth of -27cm. The enclosure is made of MDF with 25 mm thick front plate. Except for the unchanged ash color front, the cabinet is veneered with a choice of several real wood veneers: maple, cherry, rosewood rosewood and black ash.

The back panel has a phase-inverter port and a patch panel with a pair of gold-plated terminals, insulated with clear plastic.

At the bottom of the X32 rests on a pedestal, exactly matched in size to the main box, four metal spikes can be screwed into the base of the pedestal. The speaker’s full-face front panel is covered by a wooden grill covered in black cloth, under which the three radiators are hidden. The top position is occupied by the tweeter, complete with a soft dome with special coating. Under the “squeaker” is a pair of identical midwoofers turned on in unison.

Thus the X32 has only a 2-way crossover, equipped with simple first-order phase-linear filters with 6dB/octave slope steepness. Both drivers are equipped with the proprietary MSP magnesium silicate polymer diaphragm of 145 mm diameter.


Knowing the reputation of DYNAUDIO, we waited for the new X32 models with special interest. The speakers turned out to be uncommonly musical, combining good sound details in general and emotional delivery of the midrange with unexpectedly high sound energy in the bottom part, which we never expected from such compact speakers.

Another thing worth mentioning is excellent for this class of speakers “timing” of sound: all time transitions are transferred very accurately, we are especially pleased with the amazing speed of bass. In the lower octave the speakers, perhaps, do not climb, but the middle bass works with high control and intelligibility of timbres, even at high volume there are no noticeable phono port sounds.

In the tonal balance of the X32 sound you can notice some preoccupation with the treble. However, the treble range is reproduced with remarkable clarity and voice clarity, with a slight fogging only in the last octave. So the marked tonal imbalance more often plays into the sound of Danish girls, making it more festive and “involving”, in full accordance with the name of the line, in translation from English Excite means: excitement, the emergence of emotion.

The X32 has no flaws in the music scene: the stereo image is steadily wide and deep, the foreground is slightly exposed to the listener, further emphasizing the sound of soloists. Good source localization, even the bass groups in the background are shown with decent resolution. Note the large stereo effect zone, it will not be difficult to find the best place for listening, besides, X32 give their owner additional freedom in their location in the room, it will not be necessary to put the speakers strictly symmetrically.

Price: 75 200 Dollars.

Audio equipment


The impedance of the X32 is consistently high across the frequency spectrum with a minimum value of 4.8 ohms at 220 Hz. Sharp rises of impedance was not noted as well, the maximum value of impedance in the MF/HF region is 12.6 ohms at 1.25 kHz. Judging by our measurements, X32 will not be too difficult a load for almost any modern amplifier. Loudspeaker phaso inverter is set to frequency of 42 Hz.

The curve of the AFC shows that the sensitivity of the X32 increases at the edges of the working range, but on the whole the curve is smooth enough, without abrupt features. The sensitivity in the working range is within +/-4 dB, the lower limit of the working range at +/-3 dB is marked at 44 Hz, which can be considered an excellent result for a two-way speaker. The X32’s directivity diagram is exceptionally broad, the curves for the AFC axis and 30° direction in the upper octaves are essentially the same, with a decrease in the off-axis response only in the

band partition.

Floor-standing loudspeaker

Floor-standing acoustics

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