What will excite us at CES this year?

January of the new year. This means that very soon we will have the annual International Consumer Electronics Show, where many companies will showcase their new products. Reportedly, nearly 4,000 manufacturers will be on hand to share their products and achievements with more than 170,000 attendees from 150 countries. The show opens its doors on January 9, but before the official part, there are likely to be some interesting announcements, of which we will try to inform you, if possible. So, what we will see at CES-2018? Let’s explore.

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Smart home systems

One of the main trends of the last year exhibition were the systems for “smart” house. The three main pillars of these systems, which allow you to combine all the electronics in your home into a single network and even control it with your voice, were Google Assistant, Amazon Alexa and Siri, represented by Apple HomeKit. Most likely this year the trend for such systems and innovations based on them will continue, and we will see many devices ready to turn our boring homes into something more futuristic.

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Virtual, augmented and mixed reality

VR, AR and MR systems – virtual, augmented and mixed reality – are another big trend right now. Last year was full of announcements and rumors related to these systems, indicating that these technologies continue to evolve and are not going to stop there. So where better to showcase all these advances than at CES? We are confident that this year the above-mentioned technologies and products based on them will be exhibited at CES-2018, which starts in a few days.

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Wearable electronics

Last year for this kind of technology was clearly not the most successful. The technology attracted a lot of attention at the start, but over the course of the year, interest in it gradually faded. Wearable electronics has become something commonplace. Nevertheless, giants like Fitbit remain on the market, continuing to prove to the world that wearable electronics are a very important, useful and necessary part of our lives. While millions of “look-alike” bracelets and watches may no longer evoke the wow effect, smart wearables, which have only just begun to appear, may bring back that forgotten feeling of novelty. Certainly, at CES-2018 there will be something to look at from this segment.

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Electric cars and robots

Automotive concerns are not bypassed by CES. According to recent reports, Fisker is planning to introduce its new electric car, the EMotion. According to rumors, the novelty will cost an insane $129,000. The car will compete for the title of the best with the Tesla itself, because its range on a single charge will be 650 kilometers. Expect to see Toyota, Ford and Hyundai products.

There will be several innovations in terms of equipping cars with electronics. Manufacturers will show off new dashboards with augmented reality.

According to experts, one of the main trends of 2018 will be artificial intelligence. It will be used in all possible applications. One confirmation of this is Honda’s plans for CES-2018. The Japanese giant will bring to the exhibition several robots based on experimental technology, which will help people and can even empathize with them.

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Of course, no CES exhibition does not do without the participation of almost all major smartphone manufacturers. However, according to insider information, we should not expect major announcements at the show. Traditionally, all the major announcements in the smartphone industry occur in February at the MWC exhibition, which takes place in Barcelona. Nevertheless, at CES-2018 we will, of course, see some new products. Expect a few devices from Samsung, LG and Sony.

According to some information leaked to the Web, the manufacturers’ new products will look something like this.

Computers and peripherals


LG will be showing a lot of new TVs. LG’s eighth-generation OLED TV will be on display, as well as a new 88-inch 8K TV. LG Wallpaper TV, the world’s thinnest TV, is expected to be updated. The name was not chosen by chance. Due to its thickness, it really looks more like wallpaper than TV. As for smartphones, it is possible that we will be shown the budget models K10 and Stylus 3. Expect a new flagship G7 is not worth it. According to available information, it has been saved for MWC 2018. In addition, the company will show the next generation of laptops Gram, Blu Ray 4K players and many “smart” home appliances.

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Judging by the rumors and insider information, Samsung could be the main newsmaker in January. Samsung may reveal the mysterious Galaxy X first, the first bendable smartphone. Technology bendable display company introduced at CES-2013, but all subsequent novelties of the South Korean giant with a curved screen can only be called timid attempts to show the true potential of this technology. At this year’s CES, we can finally wait for a truly flexible smartphone.

The company announced the desire to release such a novelty last year. Rumors about the device have been circulating for some time, but guessing by coffee grounds is a thankless task. We just have to wait until the exhibition starts and check it out. It is quite possible that for this announcement the company will allocate a special event, as it usually does with the new flagship of the Galaxy line.

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The flagship Galaxy S9 and S9+ lineup will likely have to wait until February. Different sources can’t reach a consensus: some say that the flagships will be shown at CES-2018, others say that the devices will have to wait until almost the spring. However, it’s already safe to say that the new Samsung Galaxy A8 2018 smartphone will be shown already on sale at the exhibition, as, in principle, will be the entire updated Galaxy A line. We are waiting for the updates ofA3, A5 andA7 models.

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In addition, is expected to show a huge 150-inch TV based on new technology Micro OLED. The details about this technology we will be told at the exhibition, but we already know that it allows you to increase the pixel density, reduce power consumption of TV, as well as avoid burn-in pixels. Samsung will also be showing ordinary televisions, QLED televisions, new laptops, and a continuation of its Galaxy Tab line of tablets.

Phones and Communications


An updated line of Bravia TVs with OLED displays awaits us. There will be a lot of new peripherals and audio equipment. Expensive and high quality as always. According to some sources, at CES Sony may show a couple of new devices with the new design. One of the devices is rumored to get a 5.7-inch screen with 4K resolution, a new Snapdragon 845 processor, dual cameras, 6GB of RAM and the latest version of the operating system, Android Oreo. The second smartphone will be in the mid-price segment and will offer simpler specs. Both novelties will be frameless which, incidentally, is also a recent trend . It should be noted that Sony is one of those few companies that still conducts some of the releases of its smartphone lines at CES, so we can expect the appearance of a new flagship. We should also expect new 4K projectors with a more affordable price tag than before.

Phones and communications


Last CES a reborn Nokia introduced the smartphone Nokia 6, this time we will see its updated version with a frameless screen and top hardware. Even though Nokia has a special event coming up on January 19, the company may unveil the Nokia 9 and 8 2018 flagships at CES. Last year, the company bought the developer of smart health gadgets, Withings, with which it wants to strengthen its position in the Internet of Things market. So it is quite possible that in this segment we will also hear something new from them.

Computers and peripherals

Intel and AMD

Last November, we reported that two major processor competitors, Intel and AMD, had teamed up to create a completely unique new processor. It will consist of three chips combined on one substrate – CPU Intel Core, GPU Radeon Vega M and high-speed video memory HBM2. These processors will significantly reduce the size of gaming notebooks. The companies are expected to reveal the details of the technology, as well as the date when these processors will appear in the final product. Who knows, maybe at CES we will be shown the first notebooks with this processor.

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Last December, Qualcomm unveiled the Snapdragon 845 processor, which does fine with Windows 10S, so we should expect many new laptops from different manufacturers on this processor. Snapdragon 845-powered Chromebooks should also be introduced. In addition, the Snapdragon brand name will be often heard in the AR and VR booth area. After all, the Snapdragon 835 processor has a separate package for AR and VR developers, and the processors themselves will be the basis for new virtual and augmented reality headsets. The Oculus Go headset, introduced in October, is based on this processor. A new headset from Lenovo, which recently passed FCC certification, may also show up.

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For Google the CES-2018 exhibition will be a debut. Previously, the company was represented there thanks to its partners, but now the search giant will have its own separate booth. Google will mostly use CES as an exhibition center and showcase devices we’re already familiar with. Pixel 2 smartphones, Pixelbook, Daydream View VR virtual reality headset, smart speakers and more. This will be done so that users can become better acquainted with Google’s technology. A new Chromebook is also expected. It may be made in a new form factor.

What else?

It is impossible to predict 100 percent what will be shown at CES. It can be so, that some things which have remained rumors, so will remain rumors, and others – on the contrary, can surprise with the unexpected appearance. At every CES show there are many products from companies such as ASUS, HP, Dell, Lenovo and many others. We think there will be no exception this time too. NVIDIA, Razer, HTC, Nikon and hundreds of other companies will be showing their products.

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