Test of automatic coffee machine Bosch TES701-21RW VeroBar

Built-in appliances

Ample opportunities, interesting design.

Built-in Coffee Machines

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Bosch TES701-21RW VeroBar coffee machine


Espresso, coffee, cappuccino, macchiato, milk foam, warm milk, hot water.

Coffee beverage strength: weak/normal/strong/AromaDoubleShot.

Capacity for coffee drinks only : small, medium, large.

You can increase the volume of coffee or milk foam by ± 5 or ± 10 ml.

Temperature: coffee – normal/high/maximum hot water – 85°C, maximum.

2 espressos, 2 coffees – not only can you make two espressos at once, but also two large coffees.



The coffee maker makes all possible coffee beverages, and it does it professionally and quickly.


The strength of the drink can be easily adjusted manually. In addition, there is a very interesting AromaDoubleShot function for making particularly strong coffee: for one espresso, two coffees are brewed. Beans are ground and brewed in two steps. This allows to eliminate the bitterness of ready to drink coffee.

We must say that the manufacturer does not give any clear indications about the volume and even in the instructions says that the volume in ml is very approximate and depends on many factors. We measured the volume of espresso. We got it – a small portion &asymp 35 ml, medium &asymp 55 ml, large &asymp 80 ml. At the same time the froth reaches &asymp 15 – 20 ml.

Delivery speed of small espresso – 33.5 seconds.

The temperature of the cup ranged from 58 degrees Celsius to 65 degrees Celsius.

Cappuccino is automatic, but there is no milk container included. The tube is simply inserted into the bag with milk. It is more convenient to use tall packets or glasses with milk, you have to hold a 200 ml. container in your hands. Foam pours into the cup through a special wide “faucet”. All milk makes a great froth.

Creation of 2 cups “by halves”: half portion poured into one cup, half portion into second cup, then new portion brewed and second half poured into cups.


Control Panel

Six buttons – power, temperature, two – select parameters, i request for information and settings , start three-line display with the choice of type, strength and amount of the drink, text information about settings, current processes and messages rotary switch.

Press “start” button again to stop the process prematurely and turn off the childproof lock.

To make a cappuccino, turn the coffee spout to the right until you hear a click.


This coffee machine is a pleasure to use. Everything is clear and logical, all drink choices are shown on the display, just turn the Rotary Switch to select the desired one.

The only thing to do when making drinks with milk foam is to make sure that the tube, from which milk will come, is inserted in the cup for making the drink. We had one crema flowed past – solely due to our inattention.

There are two possibilities to change the amount of a drink in a cup. First of all, you can select one of three quantities by simply turning the switch and pressing the button. In this case, it is necessary to proceed from the volume of the cup. Can increase or decrease volume in milliliters. Here neither the instructions in the manual nor the explanations on the display seemed to us clear and distinct, and this option was not understood.


Automatic shutdown can be programmed – from 5 minutes to 8 hours. Default setting is 1 hour.

Coffee preparation

The display contrast can be adjusted from -20 to +20.

You can delete your own settings and activate the factory settings.

Storage niche for measuring spoon, milk pipe and coil, special compartment for quick instructions.

Lock function against unauthorized use.


Controversial cup warmer function removed from this machine. Too bad it doesn’t have an automatic pre-set time switch. But there is a special “stash” to store accessories and a brief instruction, which is very helpful.



The indicator strip to determine the level of water hardness is included. Water filter included. Usage time is 2 months. Automatic filter reminder. Automatic cleaning program for approximately 10 minutes. De-scaling – automatic about 30 minutes . Calc’n’Clean program for simultaneous decalcification and cleaning 40 minutes .

Drip tray and grounds container are dishwasher safe.

Automatic program for cleaning the foaming device – shown on the display. It switches on after the milk foam. Takes 1 minute. Automatic heating and rinsing program every time it’s turned on. A reminder for each cleaning operation is shown on the display.


Water tank.

Dispenser height for espresso: 7-12 cm for cappuccino: 11-15 cm.

Statistics: cups of coffee, milk foam, hot water.


Coffee grinder

The design of this coffee machine is very interesting and very functional. We have already said that coffee and beverages with milk froth are made in different places. What’s more, the cups are set on different levels. This makes it easy to fit tall glasses for macchiato. By the way, the drink will not start cooking if you do not turn the unit or turn it not all the way – a reminder will appear on the display.


Large capacity grinder with transparent lid and five grind levels.

Compartment for making a drink from ground coffee no more than 2 spoons .


DIMENSIONS: 33×29.5×45 cm.

WEIGHT: 10.9 kg.

WARRANTY: 1 year.


47 990 Dollars.

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