De’Longhi PrimaDonna S De Luxe ECAM 26 455 automatic coffee machine test

Small appliances for the kitchen

Strong espresso, logical and comfortable controls, nice features – cup light.

Coffee Machines

Requires the use of skim milk for a good crema.

De'Longhi PrimaDonna S De Luxe ECAM 26 455 automatic coffee machine


Espresso – beverage volume 40 ml.

Normal – beverage volume 60 ml.

Large cup – beverage capacity 90 ml.

Extra large cup – drink volume 120 ml.

My Coffee function allows you to pre-program a beverage from 20 ml to 180 ml.

All beverages have a choice of strengths: Extra-light taste/light taste/normal taste/strong taste/extremely strong taste from 7 to 14 grams per cup .

Caffè latte, cappuccino, latte macchiato – automatic preparation.

Coffee strength: from 7 to 14 grams of coffee, programmable for individual beverage volume.

Hot milk – beverage volume can be programmed individually.

Adjustable volume of milk foam and coffee in beverages. Automatic cappuccinator with foam density regulation: hot milk/medium foam/maximum foam.

Hot water 250 ml. The ability to program a new number of.

Temperature – from low “-” to high “—-. It is possible to set the desired level for each drink.

Prepares 2 cups – for beverages without milk.



Coffee machine for real coffee lovers: “normal” strength of drinks, laid on the cup


The taste of the Melitta Caffeo Solo&Milk is in line with the “very strong” of some other machines – there it is, the real Italian taste! Typical beverage serving capacity of 40 ml.

Espresso is a strong, high, creamy and delicate crema.

Brewing speed – 40 ml – 41.5 sec.

The temperature of the finished drink ranged from 65 to 68 °C, the average value was 67 °C. Heating of the cup is available to keep the temperature of the drink better.

Cappuccino made in automatic mode. Although the regulator in the cappuccinator was set to “large foam”, we did not like its quality. Still, it is not for nothing that the instructions for this machine says that it is recommended to use skimmed milk up to 1.5% at a temperature no higher than 5 ° C. Convenient that the transparency of the cappuccinator makes it easy to see how much milk is left over. This prevents waste of coffee when making several cups.

Two-cup mode – starts the mode by pressing a special button. Coffee is ground and poured into two cups at once. No half-cup preparation like many other models.

A small amount of coffee spills onto the drip tray when the coffee pod is discarded.



American-language display.

On/Off Buttons./off., Touch buttons for volume, strength, one espresso, two espressos, latte, cappuccino, latte macchiato, milk, steam. Menu/off button, “OK” button and “hot water” button next to the display.

During operation the display shows the type of coffee selected and a scale indicating the stage of preparation.


Extremely convenient and easy. Everything is self-explanatory, no unnecessary changes are required – just one button press to brew any beverage, strength and volume are also easily adjusted. In general, the operation of the control panel resembles a PC – the process is shown by a scale, similar to that appearing when downloading files, while the “ok” button, to confirm the selection in the menu, or “Esc”, to reset, show that the coffee machine was created by experienced programmers who love computers.


Automatic switch off function – 2 hours after last brew. Can be set 15 min./30 min./1.2 hours/3 hours. Function

coffee grinder

Automatic switch-on – the hour and minutes when the machine should start are programmed. Energy-saving function – if it is set, after 1 minute after the last beverage, the message “energy-saving” appears. Heating pad function for warming cups. It can be turned off if you want. Audible alarm” function – every press of the buttons and insertion/removal of an accessory can be accompanied by a beep. Cup illumination – the light comes on every time you make a drink and every time you rinse. Can be switched off.


All functions of a premium brand are available. Let us also note a fairly simple procedure of programming the machine to turn on at a given time.

But the most interesting thing is the backlight of the cup. Can’t say it’s necessary, but it’s a nice little thing.



Automatic rinsing programme after every switching on/off of the machine. Cleaning the cappuccinatores with a special key on the cappuccinatores. There is no need to pour out the milk. The cleaning of the block of steam steam pipe is made with improvised means: the manufacturers recommend to use the pin. Once a month it is recommended to check the cleanliness of the inside of the appliance, using a special brush. We recommend washing the water tank once a month with a dishwashing detergent. It is recommended to clean the brewing unit once a month. Periodically full cleaning of the cappuccinator from milk fat it can be dismantled into 4 parts . Automatic decalcification reminder.

Programming water hardness. Test strip for determining the hardness of water included.

Special Features

Water tank – 2 L. No handle for easy carrying. Water filter included. Shelf life: 2 months. Filter change reminder appears on display. System Time Setting.

Height of the dispenser from 8,6 to 14,2 cm.

Statistics – counter for drinks made without milk with milk , decalcification procedures, amount of dispensed water, number of filter changes.

Coffee grinder

Can hold 250 grams of coffee.

Total of 14 positions for adjusting the grind of coffee beans there are intermediate settings, the manufacturer guarantees 14 grind levels .

Ability to prepare a drink from ground coffee 1 beverage .

Tech specs

DIMENSIONS HxDxH : 35×23.8×44.5 cm.

WEIGHT: 11,8 kg.

WARRANTY: 3 years.


61 990 Dollars.

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