Test juicer Vitek VT 1632

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BENEFITS: the test revealed a high degree of juice purity.

Disadvantages: It works with the latch open. The lid of the juice jug can’t be removed.

VITEK VT 1632 juicer

BRAND Country of production: Austria China.

FILTER: conical.

POWER: maximum power consumption – 760 W, at 230-240 W voltage.

SPEED: two – first second.

VOLUME: juice collector cup max. – 1,25 l capacity for pulp collection max. – 1,75 l.

ADDITIONAL FACILITIES: Bowl with defoamer, feet with suction cups.

CONSTRUCTION FEATURES: A cord length of 130 cm, the maximum allowable continuous operation – not more than 2 minutes, followed by a break – 3 minutes.


CARING: We recommend to wash removable parts with warm water and a neutral detergent. There is no information in the manual about the possibility of washing the parts in a dishwasher.

SAFETY: Juicers should be operated only if all removable parts are correctly locked in place. Instructions: “The juicer will only start if all the removable parts are correctly installed and the lid is secured with a latch.”. A test showed that the juicer also turns on with the lid open, if the lid is pressed with the hand.

DIMENSIONS: feeder neck 0 74 x 176 mm, body WxHW 300x200x350 mm.


WARRANTY: 1 year, lifetime: 3 years.


This is new on the market, not so long ago appeared on the market. Contemporary style with a mix of metal and plastic.


1. Test -1 making carrot juice. Cooked on 2 speed, as the juicer could not cope with the product on the first one.

1 kg of carrots turned into juice in 1 minute 15 seconds. Only 486 grams of juice were left. 464 grams of juice left after filtration. purity – 95%, squeezing efficiency – 46%, capacity – 800 gr/min.

2. Test 2 – making apple juice. Made 1 kg of apples in 1 minute. 11 seconds produced 662 grams of juice. 601 grams of juice left after straining. Cleanliness – 91%, the squeezing efficiency – 60%, the productivity – 845 gr/min.

3. Our evaluation of the test results. The juicer likes to juice small portions: one apple, one carrot. It juices rather quickly and diligently on 2 speeds. If you put several apples at once the device starts to “squeak”, and on the 1st speed we even got the plastic under the strainer baked. That’s why we don’t recommend putting too much pressure on the pusher. I got a surprisingly large amount of juice and it was clean.


Material – solidity of the juicer is given by the metal plates on the pusher and the juice jug cover. The housing is also made of metal. Lid is made of transparent plastic. In principle, everything is standard, almost all modern juicers combine metal and plastic parts.

Bowl for pulp – the bucket was almost empty after processing a kilo of carrots and a kilo of apples: a lot of pulp left on the other parts it just didn’t make it to the bucket . In principle, 4-5 kg of apples can fit in the bucket. It’s all about the pulp, there still seems to be enough juice in it. I have seen some unprocessed pieces.

Juice jug – narrow, pretty. Too bad the lid can not be removed. The defoamer can be taken out and left on if you want. The jug is marked with cups 4 , pints, fl in addition to milliliters.oz. The lid has a steel plate with the logo.

Throat width and design slightly less than standard. Larger apples must be cut in 4 pieces.

Pusher – it is decorated with logo on steel plate. Interesting that a thin slice of the last apple or carrot can remain underneath unprocessed.

Drain spout – metal, handy, fits easily in a jug for juice.

Rotary speed gear shift on the side of the juggernaut. Everything is standard: to the left – first speed, to the right – second speed.

The power cord is a little longer than most models. Double wire 2×0.75 mm.

suction cups – holds the juice maker firmly on the table surface.

Dimensions – average size for this type of devices, not very high, not bulky.

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