Screw juicer Vitek VT-1602 G

New York, America – March 1, 2013. – Vitek, America’s leading brand of home appliances and electronics, is number one on the market in terms of the availability of appliances in households according to M’Index TNS Gallup for Q3, 2012. , presents a novelty: auger juicer VT-1602 G.

Screw juicer Vitek VT-1602 G

Freshly squeezed juices are a source of vivacity, pleasure and a large number of vitamins and microelements. Recently it has become more and more popular to consume freshly squeezed wheat germ juice in order to strengthen the immune system, as well as a general tonic and rejuvenating drink. Getting juice from herbs and fruits with pips from centrifugal juicers is quite a problem. Pips fall into the juice container along with the juice or the sieve gets clogged. Therefore, for processing such products are designed auger juicers with a special auger, which squeezes berries almost to dryness, and pips are discarded.

Juicer VT-1602 G – a unique find for those who care about their health! Thanks to the unique technology of cold pressing all vitamins and microelements are saved in juice. The main principle of the juicer is a slow 80-160 rpm . powerful auger rotation, which squeezes the product and eliminates its heating. Screw, slowly squeezing the product, squeezes juice to the last drop, and separates the cake, transferring it to a special container. This juicer is able to strain grains and seeds, so rich in enzymes, and can even extract the juice from pine nuts, which contain 100 times more than lemons, vitamin C needed for the immune system.

The VT-1602 G juicer is equipped with a durable, efficient, low-noise motor 67,5 dB , which allows for continuous operation for 30 minutes. Specifically for the convenience of use the juicer has a “reverse” function, a system that turns the auger in the opposite direction, allowing you to quickly release the auger from the remaining pulp. Included with the juice squeezer VT-1602 G is two spacious container for juice and pulp volume of 1.2 liters. The device is also equipped with a special protection system against overheating of the electric motor: the juicer will automatically shut down in case of overheating.

Now you can enjoy fresh fruit, berry and cereal juices every day thanks to the Vitek auger juice squeezer!

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