Tefal MultiDelices Yogurt Machine Overview

Many people think that homemade yogurt is prepared only in yogurt makers, but this is not true. Many people think a yogurt maker can only make yogurt, but it’s not true!

The Tefal MultiDelices yogurt maker

Yogurt maker 3 in 1


In fact, such a device is also not a novelty and not an innovation, yogurts are prepared in it in glass cups with lids. There can be 4 to 12 cups depending on the model. The most common choice is 7-8 cups of 150-160 ml. On the lids of some models it is possible to set the date of preparation and expiration date which is very convenient if you cook a batch of yogurts at once.

Really extraordinary are the latest models – with electronic control and a choice of different cooking modes, not only for yogurts but also for homemade curd, puddings, creams and desserts. All you need to do is put the right ingredients in cups, choose the right type of dessert from the menu and turn the device on: it will determine the cooking time and temperature, while the electronic display will inform you about the whole process.

Features: prepares natural yogurts and yogurts with additives, delicate cottage cheese and a variety of desserts. 12 150 ml glass jars for a large family at once or for storing in the fridge for a whole week. There are 3 operating modes – yogurt, curd and dessert. Selected program and time left to the end of the program is shown on the built-in LCD display. An audible beep alerts you when the food is ready. The water-filled compartment makes it possible to prepare steamed desserts. Handy whey removers for creating homemade curd.

Grandma’s chocolate custard recipe in a Tefal MultiDelices

245g chocolate – 60g butter – 700ml whipped cream – 4 egg yolks – 60g icing sugar – 40g cocoa powder.

Cut butter into small pieces and let it melt at room temperature. Crumble chocolate and add it to the bowl. Heat half of the cream, pour it into the chocolate and add the butter. Wait 2 minutes and mix everything with a spatula. In another bowl, mix the yolks, sugar and cocoa. Add this mixture to the chocolate billet and the remaining cream. Pour the milk into the cups. Pour water to the maximum mark on the bottom of the yogurt maker. Select “dessert” mode and time 30 minutes. Refrigerate well. You can add a few cherries to the cream before cooking and sprinkle the dessert with almond cookie crumbs before serving.

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