SteelSeries Apex M800, the world’s fastest mechanical keyboard

SteelSeries is introducing the Apex M800, the world’s fastest mechanical keyboard, which is easy to adapt to a player’s needs. Compared to a typical mechanical keyboard, the new SteelSeries Apex M800 has a 25% faster click speed. The Apex M800 is designed for accurate, quick touch input that doesn’t waste a player’s most valuable asset – time. The keyboard’s unique low-profile design and ergonomic feel echo the same message. At the same time, the n-key rollover technology means that every press of every key, no matter how fast it is, gets handled correctly,” said Ehtisham Rabbani, CEO of SteelSeries.

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Just under the button caps of the Apex M800 are bright LED indicators that support up to 16.8 million colors. They serve more than just an aesthetic function: players will be able to customize and save to individual profiles the light effect activation patterns depending on their needs and preferences. For some games this setup will be done automatically. SteelSeries is actively working with game developers to create unique circuits that will dynamically change for different game events. More details to come in early 2015.

“We decided to completely redefine the very notion of a mechanical keyboard.”. We don’t want to give players more buttons or cool backlighting, we want to give them everything they need: speed, performance, customization, and ergonomics,” said Ehtisham Rabbani, CEO of SteelSeries. – The Apex M800 combines the latest developments in hardware and software. And it does this in a way that makes life as easy as possible for the player.

“When we first tried it with the Apex M800 we weren’t expecting it to have that effect. It’s unlike anything we’ve used before. The Apex M800 was the only keyboard that truly increased our reaction time and precision,” said COO and former Team Fnatic captain Patrick “cArn” Sattermon Patrik S&auml ttermon . – After spending so much time with the Apex M800, we can honestly say: This is the kind of mechanical keyboard the eSports community has been waiting for.

To develop the Apex M800’s key mechanism, SteelSeries joined forces with top-notch experts in the field. The result is the unique QS1 line switch key. The Apex M800 is touch responsive, with a touch point of 1.5mm and a key stroke of just 3mm, leaving the competition far behind.

The Apex M800 is built to last – each key can hold up to 60 million. keystrokes. Other features of this unusual gaming keyboard include:

– Slim and rugged design,

– Shortcuts,

– Specially shaped keycaps for fast pressings,

– Separate key row for macros,

– True Click Processing with 256-key rollover and full anti-ghosting support,

– Two USB ports for easy connection of peripherals.

The SteelSeries Engine software offers a huge variety of customization options, including custom profiles, macros, and backlighting schemes. Each key has its own LED backlight and can be customized. The available settings include changing color, choosing from 8 different brightness levels, and a list of backlight modes. The user can select one of the existing modes breath, wave, impulse or create his own. In addition, players will be able to activate a lighted timer on the keys, which will indicate the time until the next use of a gaming ability or the occurrence of a certain event.

With the handy macro editor for the Apex M800 you can assign any key on the keyboard to another key, a mouse button, a media player control/activate a specific application or start a macro. You can also record macros on the fly with a simple keypress or use a list of pre-set text macros. Everything depends on the style of play and personal preferences of the player.

The Apex M800 is available now at the SteelSeries online store for $199.99/199.99 Euros.

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