STARWIND SIR8917 iron test: iron and turn off

Which iron is better: an iron from a famous manufacturer or one with an unfamiliar name?? It’s what you iron, not what it’s called.

Starwind SIR8917 iron can do something that even more expensive devices can’t boast of. How it irons? Read..


Electric Iron Starwind SIR8917

POWER: 2500 Watt.

MODES: 4 temperature settings synthetics/silk, wool/cotton, linen/max . dry ironing, ironing with steam 2 steam speeds , steam blow vertical steaming.

ADDITIONAL FEATURES: Self-cleaning function, Anti-drip function.

CONTROL: temperature modes control on the body with ON indicator, self-cleaning button, steam water button on the handle, steam regulator no steam medium steam high steam .

SURFACE: ceramic with shiny flecks .

FEATURES: 300 ml water tank, 360° cord rotation, braided cord, power cord length 190 cm up to the plug , measuring cup for 200 ml.

SAFETY: automatic shut off after 8 min. in upright position , after 30 sec. in horizontal position with no movement .

POWER SUPPLY FITTINGS: 300x120x160 mm. WEIGHT: 1187 g measured .

WARRANTY: 1 year. WORK LIFE: 3 years.


PRICE: 1930 Dollars.



Home Appliances

Sleek lines, nice color and texture. The manufacturers managed to avoid “nautical” associations by choosing a delicate lilac color to combine with white. Next to the sole, a wide band in traditional gray.


The “heel” is divided into three zones. Nice that it has rubberized strips to keep the iron from slipping on flat surfaces. It rests on the entire surface, stable, which will prevent accidental falling if someone snags the ironing board.

The size of the “heel” is 11×11 cm, the handle is 4.5 cm.

Handle wide, plastic, with soft rubber coating. This not only saves you from the iron slipping out of your wet hands but it’s also more comfortable to grip. It’s medium-thick 10 cm , so it’s easy to hold in all palms.

Power cord is fabric braided. Flexible swivel allows the cord to rotate freely through 360°, which prolongs its life because it protects it from twisting. Small 5 cm plastic braid additionally protects the cord from being frayed. It’s long, the socket can be far enough away from the ironing board.

The iron is the heaviest among the tested ones.



Ceramic sole. Interestingly, it has some shiny multicolored inclusions. What it is, manufacturers keep silent.

As the test showed, the iron glides well on all fabrics.

There are 3 big and 7+9 small steam holes in the tip area, 11 big and 6 small holes on each side, no holes closer to the heel.

The soleplate is smoothly rounded, no pronounced spout. There are three grooves in the center, two of which are connected to the steam holes, one central one by itself. Colorful, two-color soleplate with interesting pattern. This has nothing to do with functionality, it just allows you to stand out from the hundreds of other irons on the shelf.

The length of the soleplate – 23.6 cm, width in the widest place – 11.5 cm.


The manual states 4 temperature settings. We arm ourselves with a thermal imaging camera, measure the indicator light does not go out, we measure in a couple of minutes after turning on the mode :

1 – synthetics – 49.3 – 56.6 ° C

2 – silk – 90,3 ° C, – 108,2 ° C

3 – Cotton – 152,4 – 156,7 ° C

4 – max. – 199.1 – 202.8 °C.


Temperature is not constant, it varies and fluctuates every second, during the measurements tried to fix the maximum values.

Interestingly, the temperature on the first level is very low, even synthetics require hotter action.


The soleplate heats up very evenly. There are moments when the temperature at the tip is even higher than the center of the soleplate. But the “Synthetics” mode is unlikely to be useful, in fact you will not have to use it.


When the heater is turned on, the power consumption ranges from 2426W to 2440W.



No indication of steam consumption and steam impact force the manufacturer has not provided.

I maxed out my ironing without the steam blast, 200 ml used up in 16 minutes. Without resorting to a steam blow, I was able to iron over-dried men’s shirts and duvet covers.

A full tank lasts about 25 to 30 minutes. As experience shows, this time is quite enough for ironing bedding for a family of four, towels, etc.d.



The steam is not strong, but it helps in the ironing process.



The turning wheel is small and tight – at “Minimum” it is easy to turn, closer to “Maximum” it requires some effort. The distance between the handle and the ironing wheel was only 3 cm, so it was not very comfortable to turn the wheel and set the mode. On the circle itself there are three ironing modes, the areas of steam and dry ironing are not indicated. The regulator mark on the body is on the side of the spout.

Indicator is wide, but not bright, it is clearly visible in artificial light, but in sunlight in the room and you can not see that it is lit. By the way, it lights up all the time, not just when the heater heats up.

On the handle under my thumb there are traditionally two buttons – a steam blow and a sprinkler. They are rubberized, moderately soft, no extra effort required when pressing.

In front of the buttons is a regulator for steam power with a lever. It’s two-position, but the center position can sometimes be slipped when you change from maximum steam to little steam without stopping ironing.

The water tank door is tight, with sharp edges. It snaps tight, but it is not very convenient to open it: you have to make a little effort, and if you act sloppily, you can break a fingernail.

Water tank is translucent. Through it you can clearly see the water level, not all models can boast of this.



A double impression. On the one hand, rubberized buttons, on the other hand, the most uncomfortable operation of the turntable and the sharp edges of the “door” at the tank.



Standard water glass for 200 ml. At the same time, the tank of the iron is more. manufacturers did not specify its volume, the measurement was 300 ml. Uncomfortable that the cup volume is smaller – I have to add water or use another container.

Manufacturers recommend using softened or distilled water. No water softener cartridge in the model.

It has a self-cleaning function for cleaning the tank, which is activated by pressing a special button. The self-cleaning function has to be activated every 10-15 days, which is of course very often.


No leakage at full reservoir at switched off iron. Sometimes when ironing, lonely droplets appear on your clothes, even at high temperatures.


This iron has an automatic shutdown function. Checked: left it on the ironing board after 30 seconds there is a repeating beep, then the indicator light starts flashing. Heating is off.

We put it upright and after 8 minutes we hear a melody signal, then the light flashes and the iron’s soleplate is no longer hot.

No fire, that’s what counts.


Slim book in American. Only the essentials. No information about the soleplate, dimensions, weight of the product, warranty service. But the product life and all safety-related information is indicated.


Test results


Automatic shutoff, some of the best in the test results on the uniformity of soleplate heating, rubberized parts, a successful design “heel” with rubberized areas for increased stability, long cord.

No limescale cartridge, the manufacturers recommend using only special water.

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