Self-cleaning your iron: how often should I turn it on??

Here’s another burning question: How often do you have to use the self-cleaning function on many steam irons?? Wouldn’t it damage a very hot device to use such a function too often??

Steam station irons

Yulia Logvinenkova, brand manager for Tefal: “If your water is very hard, I recommend that you clean your iron once a month or so: we fill the iron with water, heat it up, then pull the lime stick out over the bath, which creates a big stream of cold water into the steam chamber, causing a thermal shock which attacks lime particles on the walls. Dirty water leaks out through the soleplate. This method significantly prolongs the life of the iron, so do not forget about this possibility.

A special chemical component will break down the limescale retained in the water, thus preventing limescale deposits from building up. The integrated, low maintenance system in the water tank guarantees excellent protection against limescale deposits.

Anna Paklina, Philips brand manager: “It’s written in the manuals of our irons that the self-cleaning function should be used once in two weeks”. At the same time you can’t pour vinegar or descaler into the iron – only water.

Ekaterina Tsukanova – brand manager for Bosch, Siemens: “Our irons have the Anti-calc system of protection against limescale, which works during the whole service life of the iron.

This system neutralizes lime contained in the water. In addition, there is an additional mechanical system of self-cleaning water valve “.

Braun specialists: “it’s written in the instructions of our irons that you have to descale the steam chamber when the steam formation becomes insufficient”.

Panasonic, Morphy Richards: Self-cleaning is recommended after each use of the steam iron to prevent lime deposits and hardening.

So, everything is clear? For the correct operation of the iron, you should use the self-cleaning function according to the manufacturer’s recommendations.

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