STARWIND electric grill and sandwich makers for a tasty breakfast

STARWIND introduces handy gadgets for the kitchen: electric grill SSG9316 and sandwich makers SSW2111 and SSW8111. Always an original and varied breakfast: sandwiches, waffles and grilled dishes.


High power 700W devices allows you to cook quickly, which is always relevant in a large family in the morning.

Sandwiches are extremely easy to use thanks to their reliable mechanical control, on/off and heat indicators and non-stick coating. In addition, the SSW8111 is equipped with additional removable molds that are easy to clean.

With the electric grill STARWIND SSG9316 you can quickly cook steaks of meat, fry vegetables or fish.

Power of the device – 1300 W, control type – mechanical.

Compact grill is made of quality and durable materials, has a simple design and non-stick coating. The black color will fit perfectly into any interior.

STARWIND appliances are simple and easy to use, they do their job properly and are economical to buy.

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