Sony VAIO™ Tap 20 monoblock computer features 10-point touch screen

A model that combines maximum entertainment features. Sony VAIOTM The Tap 20 brings amazing multimedia entertainment to the whole family. It’s a fresh concept in home computers and much more than just a PC. Thanks to its intuitive Windows 8 control, the versatile VAIOTM Tap 20 gives you a dizzying array of applications and media.

  • The new PC for the whole family with multi-touch panel
  • Adjustable stand for easy operation in any position: horizontal on a desk, tilted or as a standard computer screen
  • Built-in rechargeable battery for free moving around the house
  • Unique multi-user apps Family Paint and Fingertapps Organizer

Sony VAIOTM Tap 20 touchscreen computer

It’s easy to move this PC from place to place, thanks to its long-lasting battery. The novelty fits in any environment – from bedroom and kids’ room to kitchen and garden. There are plenty of options. Place your computer on the coffee table and gather the family to play on the large multi-touch display.

Slide out the built-in stand and mount your VAIOTM The Tap 20 is at a comfortable angle so you can sit back and relax, browse the web, or edit photos and videos with a tap. Or put it upright and use it as a full-featured PC – for word processing, reading, surfing the web and checking email with the included wireless keyboard and mouse.

Sony VAIOTM Tap 20 touch screen computer in operation

A 50.8 cm 20-inch display offers clear, bright images with a wide viewing angle. Fast 10-point multi-touch lets the whole family play multiplayer games, and Mobile BRAVIA Engine 2 technology delivers flawless, natural visuals with smooth motion.

VAIOTM The Tap 20 gives you rich, powerful sound that’s truly amazing compared to the weak speakers on regular notebooks. The novelty combines large stereo speakers with a built-in subwoofer that converts low frequencies to solid, confident bass.

Sony S-Force Front Surround 3D technology fills the room with high-quality live soundtrack – whether you’re playing a game or watching a movie. And ClearAudio+ mode, powered by Sony signal processing, keeps your music sounding great – no matter what you’re listening to, no matter what position you’re in.

Sony VAIOTM Tap 20 touchscreen computer - interfaces

VAIOTM Tap 20 features apps optimized for the powerful multi-touch system.

Family Paint lets two people paint, color or draw on either side of the large multi-touch display. Share what you see on Facebook and Twitter with a tap. Fingertapps Organizer conveniently organizes all family members’ schedules into one interactive file. Calendar has a sticker and note-taking function and lets you know your loved ones’ plans in a clear way.

WITH VAIOTM The Tap 20 is easier than ever to connect to other home devices and share content.

One-touch* function lets you comfortably enjoy music and view photos on NFC Near Field Communication enabled Sony devices. You simply touch the devices together and instantly connect wirelessly – no need to set up Bluetooth or Wi-Fi. For example, with One-touch you can listen freely to songs from your VAIO via Bluetooth®-enabled headphones and speakers.

* One-touch feature incorporates NFC technology.

Sony VAIOTM Tap 20 touchscreen computer - just turn it on

Three new Sony applications for free download will make your leisure time even more pleasant.

For example, the “Music” application will delight music lovers with excellent sound of music tracks, which is guaranteed by ClearAudio mode+.

And Album makes browsing, sorting and sharing your photos and videos a breeze. And you can quickly stream content to your big screen DLNA-enabled TV.

The unique Socialife app takes care of your social and media life. It lets you view and organize your social media accounts and news feeds in one sleek interface – along with your friends’ feeds and posts.

You can also mark interesting articles you’d like to read in your spare time. Plus, Socialife will identify popular topics based on your friends’ preferences and suggest content that might interest you.

As an optional accessory for your VAIOTM Tap 20 is available with an LCD screen protector that prevents scratches and fingerprints. It’s easy to apply to the screen and eliminates air bubbles.

VAIO Touch PCs in AmericaTM The Tap 20 for the whole family goes on sale at the end of October 2012. Approximate price of the model 49 990 – 54 990 Dollars. depending on version .

Sony VAIOTM Tap 20 touchscreen computer - top view

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