Smart tech against stress

It has long been known that sickness comes from nerves. Even the seemingly smallest things, like wondering if your iron is still on, can throw you off? If in the past appliances for the home solved only practical problems ironing, cooking dinner, cleaning the air, etc. .p. , modern smart devices also … calm their owners, as if telling them: “Do not worry”. All’s right at home – see for yourself now. Yes, from a distance.

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For those who don’t like the cold

Imagine you’re going to the country, it’s cold and you have to wait until the house is at least a bit warm… And you just want to walk straight into a warm room! Please: turn on the REDMOND RFH-C4519S smart heater remotely, and it will create a comfortable atmosphere for you in advance. The mobile app allows you to access all the functions of your heater from a distance – select the level of heating standard or turbo mode to quickly reach the desired temperature , set a delayed start time or set a timer.

The RFH-C4519S heater has a smart heating function that helps to save energy and, consequently, money. It’s essentially an eco-mode using a motion sensor: the heater automatically turns on if a person enters the room, and turns off when no one is around. The mode is activated both manually, on the bright control panel, and in the mobile app. Advanced ceramic heating element, auto shut off in case of fall or overheating, protection lock for the control panel. The low noise level max 50 dB makes the RFH-C4519S convenient for use in children.

POWER: max 2000 watts. Mode Moderate – 1000W, Intense – 2000W.

CONTROL: electronic, remote Ready for Sky technology, for iOS-7.0 and above, Android-4.3 Jelly Bean or higher. Data transfer protocol: Bluetooth v4.0 .


DIMENSIONS: 480x157x408 mm. WEIGHT: 3,4 kg.

WARRANTY: 2 years.


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