Philips at the IFA 2018 press conference: deep sleep, clean air and stress-free waking

The IFA international press conference, held in Rome in late April, showcased many of the new products that will be unveiled at IFA 2018, which will be held in Berlin from August 31 to September 5.


Philips continues to bet on technology for health – their development to improve sleep quality – Smart Sleep device, as well as the latest air purifier and light alarm clock Somneo became the object of press attention.

The Smart Sleep device is worn on your head while you sleep.

Smart Sleep analyzes sleep phases, muscle tone, heart rate and breathing with special sensors, and plays the so-called white noise during deep sleep. Doctors believe that such sounds are heard in the mother’s belly and thus have a positive effect on the nervous system, improve sleep quality, fight against sleep disorders, reduce stress and improve memory.


The device is a textile hoop of soft fabric, and sound is transmitted by a headset that conducts sound directly through the bone – no headphones.

Smart Sleep is already on sale for about $400 in the U.S.


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