Smart bracelet ONETRAK will show how many calories you could take out of the restaurant

Smart Bracelet is a modern electronic gadget that combines an elegant bracelet and powerful software. In the silicone hypoallergenic strap is inserted a small capsule with a display. The display shows the time and some basic indicators of your physical activity. View different readings can be simply by touching the display with your finger. Bracelet design allows you to adjust the size. American brand ONETRAK presents its innovative system based on the technology “food diary” and “exercise diary. Lightweight wristband will automatically record your mobility, distance traveled, calorie consumption and more 24 hours a day. This assistant will also stay on duty at night, analyzing your sleep. Plus, it has a vibrating alarm that will gently help you wake up.


Smart bracelet works with iOS and Android smartphones. After the wireless connection of the bracelet to your smartphone you will have a lot of new possibilities. First, you’ll see your life statistics beautifully laid out in charts and graphs from the moment you first put the bracelet on your arm. It will tell you how much you move during the day, how many calories you consume, and whether you sleep well at night. Second, you can plan your physical activity for the day and set goals. People who are keen on sports will find there an excellent assistant for sports achievements, a good coach.

When you turn it on for the first time, it takes just a few minutes to customize your system. You enter into the boxes your height, weight and other parameters, then the data is deeply personalized. To count calories in the calorie section, simply choose from the home-cooked or restaurant meals you ate during the day. It is important to note that since the gadget was created by a American company, the menu of cafes and restaurants is also American.

The gadget is very independent. It can store all data from 15 to 30 days, depending on the model, and the battery lasts up to 7 days. You can also use the Internet to share data with each other. It allows you to compete with friends or keep track of, for example, children – how mobile they are, whether they lead a healthy lifestyle.

Today there are two versions of ONETRAK smart bracelet: LIFE and SPORT. The first is a basic model designed for a wide range of users. The SPORT model is the flagship of the brand: the battery life is increased to 30 days versus 15 for LIFE , and the warranty period is up to three years 1 year LIFE .The main differences of models are concentrated in the application: Sport users will have an extended set of functions, including detailed information about foodstuffs and ability to distinguish types of motion activity.

Another advantage of the American brand ONETRAK is that it supports several types of feedback to the consumer – from special seminars, to call center and supported by popular social networks there is the possibility of authorization through social networks .

ONETRAK lets everyone know what they can do. The system will bring harmony to the physical condition, because it is designed precisely for gradual and comprehensive improvement. The American badminton team has already appreciated all the benefits of this gadget.

Bracelet will motivate you to new achievements and closely monitor the results. And the results will delight you.

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