Huawei introduces smart watch HUAWEI WATCH GT and bracelet HUAWEI Band 3 Pro

Huawei introduced two new wearable devices: smart watch HUAWEI WATCH GT and bracelet HUAWEI Band 3 Pro. New smart accessories offer users previously unavailable features to track physical activity and improve workout efficiency. One of the most anticipated innovations of the year in the segment of smart accessories – the watch HUAWEI WATCH GT, made in classic style. The device offers users a set of convenient and high-tech features to track physical activity, featuring low power consumption and long battery life.

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For the urban traveler

Technological advances and rising living standards inspire today’s urban dwellers to explore the world around them. Complementing the capabilities of smartphones, smart accessories offer users useful and convenient functions that increase comfort and help maintain a healthy lifestyle.

HUAWEI’s new smart watch has an advanced power-saving algorithm that allows the device to quickly switch between high-performance and power-saving modes based on user activity, extending battery life. HUAWEI WATCH GT lasts up to two weeks without charging, even with frequent use1 Thanks to the dual-core architecture, the smart watch combines high performance and energy efficiency.

In addition to enhanced performance and new features, HUAWEI WATCH GT comes with a stylish design. 1.39-inch AMOLED screen with 454×254 pixels displays information brightly and accurately. The 10.6mm thick watch case has a diamond-like coating DLC applied by plasma pulse spraying and equipped with two bezels: ceramic and stainless steel. There are two types of straps to choose from: silicone and leather with rubber trim.

New features

HUAWEI WATCH GT has advanced geo-positioning technology for longer battery life. Capable of simultaneously using the three most sophisticated positioning systems: GPS, GLONASS and GALILEO, it ensures the most accurate positioning anywhere in the world and at any time. The tracking algorithm optimizes the data obtained to get a single result, even in places where several heterogeneous signals are received.

The HUAWEI WATCH GT is designed to meet the needs of active users. The device offers a wide range of functions for tracking physical activity. Working with professional sports organizations, Huawei has developed monitoring algorithms for a variety of sports, including indoor training, outdoor running, mountain climbing, cycling and open water swimming. The watch also functions as a fitness coach. By analyzing heart rate using scientific techniques, these functions allow athletes to improve training efficiency and protect themselves from health hazards.

TruSeen™ 3 heart rate monitoring technology.0 tracks heart rate both during exercise and throughout the day. Using the innovative optical heart rate sensor created by PPG optical and intelligent monitoring algorithms, HUAWEI WATCH GT is able to accurately track heart rate in real time. The smart watch’s sports mode has the ability to set notifications when your heart rate threshold is exceeded. It allows you to train according to your current body condition. In rest mode, the watch automatically monitors and records the user’s heart rate. HUAWEI WATCH GT has an infrared sensor to measure heart rate during sleep, which is not felt by the user and does not disturb the user’s peace of mind.

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HUAWEI Band 3 Pro: Sports Watch with Full-Size Touch Screen

Although almost all modern wearable devices have health monitoring features, the lack of standardization makes much of the data obtained useless for medical use. With this in mind, Huawei introduced the HUAWEI Band 3 Pro smart bracelet, which supports advanced professional-grade heart rate and sleep monitoring technology.

Thanks to HUAWEI TruSeen™ 3 technology.0, HUAWEI Band 3 Pro bracelet is able to accurately determine the heart rate throughout the day. Another Huawei innovation is the infrared heart rate monitor, doing away with the bright visible light used in traditional heart rate monitors.

TruSeen™ 3 Technology.0 and TruSleep™2.0 allow the HUAWEI Band 3 Pro bracelet to detect sleep phases with high accuracy. This solution is based on big data analysis, and is capable of selecting useful personalized recommendations to improve sleep quality. All the above technologies have been developed by Huawei in collaboration with reputable international organizations, which ensures high quality results.

HUAWEI Band 3 Pro features a 0.95-inch HD AMOLED color display and full-screen touchscreen, providing ample space for a variety of information and notifications. Simple, intuitive operation with vertical and horizontal swipes, taps, and home button makes it a reliable and convenient companion for all occasions.

Price and availability

European prices for the HUAWEI WATCH GT watch in sports configuration, the HUAWEI WATCH GT watch in classic configuration and the HUAWEI Band 3 Pro bracelet are &euro 199, &euro 249 i &euro 99 respectively.

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