Sleep and age: intergenerational preferences

Sleep deprivation has been shown to increase the risk of cancer: the hormone melatonin is not produced in the correct quantities. According to


University of Texas MD Anderson Cancer Center, about 60% of cancer patients complain of sleep disturbances. In addition, circadian rhythms sleep and wakefulness cycles are directly related to the aging process. If scientists find a way to solve “sleep” problems in the elderly, it will be possible to defeat Alzheimer’s and other dangerous diseases. But while the scientific community is looking for a magic pill, each of us at any age can take care of the quality of sleep, and thus about health in general.

Sleeping is a secret, hidden from prying eyes, so many people spare time and money to arrange a proper sleeping place

comments Anna Naidich, head of the rehabilitation department of the Center for Restorative Medicine and Rehabilitation of the Road Clinic Hospital, doctor of cardiology, general practitioner, somnologist, consultant.m.n.

– In fact only properly selected products for sleep, and in particular – the right mattress, can provide the necessary muscle relaxation and spinal health. A mattress should correspond to the physiological needs of the body and, accordingly, to the age of the person.

Sleeping of children

Until the age of 14 the musculoskeletal system is formed in a child, therefore a completely flat sleeping surface is important for the development of good posture and the correct development of the spine. A mattress of medium firmness will help. Choose products with a breathing and allergen-free filling.


Parents are often misinformed – you should understand that for a sound and healthy sleep do not need expensive mattresses with many functions. It is important that the child sleeps on a flat, but not very hard surface. Children generally do not weigh much and the mattress should adjust to the curves of the body. For children, do not choose products for sleep with a comfortable layer of foam with the memory effect or other specific properties

“, – says Natalia Sverdlova, the head of the direction “Mattress blanks” of FoamLine, the developer of ready-made solutions for foam mattresses.

Variants similar to those mentioned by the expert can be found in the line of the popular Swedish brand IKEA. Special mattresses are available with slits across the surface for ventilation and quick drying. In addition, there are products that are adjustable in length, so that parents do not have to re-equip the sleeping space every year.

And the popular children’s mattresses made of coconut coir should be left aside, because they are completely prohibited in Europe, since they are not safe for health. Coconut fiber – a natural material, which when wet becomes a breeding ground for microorganisms: fungus and mold. In addition, a synthetic latex emulsion is used to bind the fibers, which is a strong allergen. If you smell this mattress in the store, you can catch a persistent smell of rubber.

Sleep for adults

Sleeping eight hours is the best way to prevent cancer, neurosis, memory problems, old age and even weight gain. Scientists have found that people who suffer from chronic sleep deprivation have increased levels of inflammatory markers in the blood, which are precursors to a host of diseases from strokes to mental disorders.

In general, a young healthy person can arrange a bed based on personal preferences, body features, height, weight, favorite sleeping position and budget. The main thing is that the obtained solution should be anatomically comfortable.


According to experts, one of the best options for an adult is a multilayer mattress with a sufficiently rigid base and comfortable upper part, for example, from viscoelastic polyurethane foam or artificial latex. According to the data of Industrial Research Center CSIL in Milan, in Europe up to 72% of people prefer these types of products for sleep – without springs, based on latex or foam. For people with average build, from 55 to 90 kg, it is recommended to choose a mattress of medium hardness. At weight over 100 kg it is better to prefer a mattress with stiffer base and a high, rather soft comfort layer.

Sleep for the elderly

People over 60 years of age need to take special care about the comfort of the bed. It is better to choose a mattress of reduced hardness, which evenly distributes the load among all parts of the spine and reduces the load on the blood vessels and joints. Too hard mattress at older age can cause problems in the intervertebral discs and joint pains.


Elderly people need a mattress that is soft, elastic and high, from which it will be comfortable to stand up, reducing the load on the joints. “

The best solution for the elderly is a soft polyurethane foam mattress with a comfortable layer of memory foam. The product adjusts to the individual characteristics of the person and evenly distributes the load over the entire surface. As a rule, elderly people have problems with joints and blood vessels, and a comfortable top layer of viscoelastic memori foam will reduce the pressure exerted. Similar mattresses are even used in hospitals for prevention of bedsores in patients”

, – Natalia Sverdlova says.

Taking care of sleep quality at any age is an investment in health. However, do not think that the same mattresses will fit everyone, no matter how high quality they are. It’s worth considering the age and individual characteristics of each family member and be sure to test the mattress before you buy.

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