Going into hibernation: the comfort levels of sleep

Every year winter inevitably comes to our homes and takes them under siege. You have to reinforce the line of defense: seal windows and doors, connect heaters. But not only frosts threaten human well-being in winter. The length of daylight hours decreases, which reduces the activity of the body, sleep is disturbed. Increased need for proper rest necessitates thermal insulation of the bed.

Evaluate how ready your bed is for the cold:

Choosing a winter blanket

To keep the blood from chilling at night, it is worthwhile to find something to cover up with. Thin bedspread goes with the warm season just as summer clothes are replaced by fur coats and down jackets. When choosing a winter blanket, pay special attention to the filling. Regardless of whether you prefer natural or synthetic materials, it is necessary that they keep the body temperature as much as possible. It is worth considering that the hollofiber, unlike wool, is suitable for allergic people.

The main criteria of a winter blanket – the ability to keep warm and give comfort, but its weight is also important. Heavy quilted models may interfere with movement while you sleep, and may clump up into a hard lump or roll up. Lightweight blankets are not only more comfortable, but also more hygienic, since they are suitable for regular washing at home.

What to settle on?

Biorhythms in winter change, it is as if a person goes into hibernation. That’s why it’s much more important to make your bed comfortable during the colder seasons than it is in the summer. Replacing a blanket may not be enough if the base of the bed – the mattress – does not provide a comfortable rest.

When choosing a model suitable for cold weather it is worth considering a reversible version. This kind can be turned over depending on the season, since the upper and lower surfaces differ in the level of thermoregulation. “

In winter it is better to choose softer mattresses with a high comfort layer, for example made of “memori” materials. The human body is immersed in foam, which makes it not only more comfortable to sleep, but also warmer. Some memory foam mattresses have the additional property of thermoregulation. They draw excessive heat away from the surface, which will keep you from overheating while you sleep

“Natalia Sverdlova, head of mattress blanks at FoamLine, a developer of ready-to-use foam mattress solutions, explains.

Toppers are also made of Memory Foam, which is suitable for those who are not planning full-scale changes. The small thickness – 4-7 centimeters – allows to put it directly on top of a mattress, and in the spring to roll it up and put it away on a mezzanine.

The magic of fabrics

Bedding sets the mood and has that “magical” power that makes sleep sweet. Cool summer silk sheets are unlikely to keep you comfortable in the cold. To avoid nightmares and insomnia disturbance, it is better to avoid synthetics and prefer warm natural materials.

It is not easy to meet all the requirements. So, satin keeps warmth, but gets bunched up. Velour, on the contrary, lies well, but makes it difficult for pores to breathe, so it can cause sweating. Sets of calico and cotton terry are optimal.

The criteria for organizing a bed for the cold weather – warmth, the ability to take a comfortable position and a sense of psychological comfort. With the right bedding the fierce winter will not disturb.

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    What are some effective strategies to achieve a comfortable sleep during hibernation? Are there specific sleep positions or bedding materials that are recommended for optimal comfort? How can one ensure a tranquil and peaceful sleep throughout the entire hibernation period?

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