Screw-type juicer VITEK VT-3661: vitamins in every drop

Thanks to the technology of cold pressing pressure in the juice made in a juicer VITEK VT-3661, preserves all the vitamins and minerals.


The main principle of the juicer is slow juicing 80-160 rpm . The rotation of the auger squeezes the juice through, preventing it from heating up.

Slowly squeezing the product, the auger squeezes the juice to the last drop and separates the cake by moving it into a special container. This enables the juicer to process grains and pips so rich in enzymes.


  • Efficient, durable, low noise motor.
  • Juice spout is equipped with a “drop-stop” system, so no drop of juice will flow out of the spout and will not end up on your table.
  • Two containers: one for juicing 0.92 l and one for emptying 0.92 l of juice. and a pulp volume of 0.79 liters.
  • The device is also equipped with a special protection system against overheating of the electric motor: the juicer will automatically shut off in case of too long work.
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