Samsung POWERstick Jet – the most poweusaul Samsung

Samsung Electronics introduces the most powerful cordless upright vacuum cleaner in the company’s portfolio, the POWERstick Jet

. With 200W suction power and up to 60 minutes of run time.

Samsung Jet 200

33.3% more vacuum power than previous models thanks to digital inverter motor and innovative Jet Cyclone technology.

The motor has a power consumption of 550 watts, which allows you to increase the speed of the blades to 110,000 revolutions per minute.

And it has successfully passed the 1800-hour reliability test.

Samsung Jet 200

27-openings of the Jet Cyclone filter system create optimal airflow, reducing loss of suction power.

The Samsung Jet 200’s five-stage HEPA filtration system captures up to 99.999% of 0.3-10 micron dust and allergen particles, effectively purifying the air.

Samsung_ Jet 200

The 3000 mAh replaceable lithium-ion battery allows up to 60 minutes of use and retains up to 70% of its original charge capacity after 500 charge/discharge cycles.

With the additional battery, cleaning time can be extended up to two hours.

The battery is charged using the ergonomic compact Z Station. It is equipped with two charging adapters, allowing you to charge two batteries in 3.5 hours.

Comes with a powerful Turbo Action nozzle for vacuuming dust from both carpets and hard surfaces.

Samsung Jet 200

Optionally available with soft bristles Soft action brush. Its soft roller has woven silver threads for anti-static effect. Both brushes can swivel through 180 degrees, making it easy to change direction and getting every corner easy to clean.

Samsung Jet 200 is very convenient to use:

Samsung Jet 200 vacuum cleaner

  • The telescopic tube extends to one of four fixed positions, allowing you to adjust the height of the vacuum cleaner to your height, making cleaning easy and convenient.
  • The device is controlled through an intuitive LED display that allows you to check the status of the vacuum cleaner, including power level and type of installed nozzle, to display a warning if the filter or brush is blocked by debris.
  • All components of the Samsung Jet 200, from the filters to the dust container, can be washed and the brush can be completely removed from the nozzle for easy, thorough cleaning.

Samsung Jet 200 vacuum cleaner

You can buy it at

official website

Samsung, as well as in partner stores across America at a recommended retail price of 59,990 Dollars.

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